Ending Female Genital Mutilation in Samburu
Ending Female Genital Mutilation in Samburu: My journey of ending Female Genital Mutilation among the pastrolalist communities.

Ending FGM in Samburu is one of the challenging activities I have carried out over the years. Changing a traditional practice that has been carried out over the years is difficult. Being the first Girl to go to University in my village, I vowed to be a change agent. I believe it is my responsibility to lead in making the girl child an important member of todays society. In collaboration with World Vision Kenya we train Samburu Community on the importance of girl child education. We train on eradication of harmful tradition practices e.g FGM.


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Dear Christine, thank you for writing and sharing your mission to stop FGM. This is such important work. I'm sure it is challenging when this has been a practice for so many generations. I admire your efforts and wish you continued success in these educational programs. Do you have some partners to help you? You are fortunate to have the University education and I'm sure you are very knowledgeable in pursuing this important goal. 

Thank you. We still do not have partners or sponsors. We are a group of volunteers. Who train women and girls as well as rescue them. Coming monday we will drop 10 girls at Loosuk primary school. It will be their first time in school. I will post the photos of the day. Am sure their lives will change from monday hence forth.

We need support to make a better world for women and girls. Meanwhile we do our best with my colleagues.

Hi Christine, Congrats on being the first girl to go to university in your village. That's awesome. Your work is very important. I'm sending you many well wishes to do the best that you can to eradicate FGM there:-) I'm looking forward to seeing more posts from you.

Hi Terina, You have some wonderful volunteers helping these girls in this worthy project. It is TERRIFIC that they will start to school on Monday. I'm sure it will be a new world for them! Let's hope this goes well and that they continue in their schooling. Congratulations! Thank you for responding again. Blessings on this vital project!

Dear Christine - As the first girl in your village to go to university, you are a role model and an inspiration. And now you are being the change agent that you vowed to be.   Bravo! What do you think are some of the ways that are possible to begin the difficult work of changing a traditional practice that has been carried out over the years?  Sending you hope and encouragement, Natasha

Thank you Natasha.

Changing a traditional practice that is centuries old is challenging. But since it affects and harms current and future generations physically, emotionally and kills the confidence and esteem of women and girls. We must find a way to end it.

First, the elders who are the custodian of cultural laws to be educated on the effects of harmful practices.

Secondly the warriors who are perceived to be security arms of the community to be educated too.

Thirdly the women and girls to be empowered through education on their rights.

The village to village campaign is a key tool in ending FMG.

Lastly scholarships for girl child education among the affected communities is a motivation and indicator of empowerment and development.

Collaboration with the non-governmental and governmental institutions is also a key resource in ending FGM.