Its been a long week of political turmoil happening in Kenya, turmoil because of all the wrong things that are happening while we watch. The government is running Kenya like a personal company of sorts, with some certain politicians at the top management as the inner circle of the president. You go against it and you're dropped off the band wagon. It is really sad to watch what is going on in our country. I always thought that our president was quiet and very good, and that the people around him were the spoilers, but lately i have come to realize that once the head of a fish begins to rot, the whole fish is not good for consumption.

These issues have bothered me, and are bothering many other Kenyans, who are suffering silently because we do not know what to to do. Something is happening in this country that is not good at all and i can't really put a finger on it. The politicians are corrupt, only eating and stealing from the taxpayers, storing up for 2012 and yet thousands of people are going hungry, with only one meal a day, some go without food for days on end. It is so tiring to hear every single day of how people are suffering and yet, every other day there's a huge financial scandal going on, whether known to the public or unknown. It saddens me that Kenyans have gone back to tribalism, this tribe, wanting to team up with the other tribe to beat that tribe.....there's all this stereotyping and bad politics going on. Many people lost their lives at the beginning of 2008 when the elections were stolen by the current president. Many more are suffering to date, from the aftermath. If things do not change, the same thing will happen in 2012. Not that i am a prophet of doom, but the way things are going, it will be better if one was out of the country at that time. BUT! that is not the answer, somehow, the young people must arise and unite, and defend our country, root out all old politicians, bring in a new breed of politicians, who will work not for their stomachs, but for the good of this great nation in Africa!

There's need for a lot of awareness campaigns happening way before 2012, so that the youth will not accept politicians' handouts, they will not to hack to death a fellow citizen in the name of fighting for their tribesmen, instead, they will stand up against any politician who fuels evil and tribal wars. They will reject them. It is my hope and prayer, and i believe the hope of many Kenyans, that the youth will defend their fellow citizens and not allow one man/politician to influence them into doing evil!

What systems do you think we can put in place as a country to establish a sense of responsibility among the youth? Poverty sometimes leads them to do what they do during elections. Many of our youth are jobless, yet most of them are degree holders, what can we do to overcome this? The government has no will power to fight corruption, or to put in place systems that can support these youth, after all, it is them who use the youth for their selfish gains during elections, so they prefer to keep them needy and helpless. What can we do???


What would really help is to show them how they want them fighting each other to keep all of them weak. It is that 'divide and conquer' idea that just refuses to go away and the only way we can stop it by making others understand why it is happening.

I don't think there is anything wrong with having pride in your tribe but it is wrong to let your pride be used by those who seek to control you.

It is why I like what is called the 'grassroots' type of thing since it is people to people and not with an ulterior motive. Try to get it out to everyone why it is happening and hopefully they will see it is true and not let themselves be used.

It is so sad but true that those seeking Peace grab Power instead and then wonder what went wrong.

We had that sort of thing happen here in America with Bush where he paid $300 to each person and people fell for it and 8 years of unleashed greed led to our economic collapse. Yet these same people are still at it since they believe people will put their personal greed over the good of our country. Luckily they misjudged Americans and while we will be struggling for years to fix this mess it seems a lot have woken up to what was really happening.

It is true that it is the Youth who need to be reached the most since they are the ones who current lives will be changed for better or for worse by this. Encouraging them to understand why things happen is the start and I hope you and your groups can find a way to do this!


Hi terry,

I hear you Terry. Kenyan politics has always been a sad affair. If we trace our political history right from Kenyatta down to our present president, for 47 years, our political culture has been that of corruption, commercialisation of leadership, and manipulation. Sadly both the ruling party and the opposition are the same. There is no better devil. Sometimes this presents a sense of hopelessness, but as you said through awareness campaigns we can court change. There are two groups who have been not been given adequate leadership opportunities in Kenya: The youth and the women, and if they are properly trained in leadership and given the opporunity I think they can be better leaders.

What we urgently need in Kenya is change, and rejection of the habbit of recycling of leaders, which we are so fond of. Most of our current leaders in government and politics have been there from the early days (since the first government formed after independence), no wonder we are still in this mess.

I agree that the youth and women are easily manipulated by handouts, and this is due to the extent of poverty. But I will bite the bullet and say the we women, and the youth in Kenya are also to blame. I need we need to be radical and wise, let us refuse to vote back a leader if after his/her term he has failed to bring sustainable development in the constituency. Performance appraisal: a leader should only be voted back, if she/he has brought positive development in the constituency, not because he has given as flour or lesos or paid for our transport to go stand in the scotching sun to hear of their promises which we have already they established they do not intend to fulfil.

Warm Regards,

Thank you Maria, indeed my greatest desire is for people to arise in prayer for Kenya, every single day there is a political saga going on that is not very positive. Currently, the Minister for Justice and reconciliation has resigned, others are following suite, of course many of us feel that it doesn't make much difference whether they're in or out. The current coalition government has failed Kenyans and all they're doing right now is playing with our minds. I agree having pride in your tribe is not a problem, especially because we did not choose which tribe to be born, but using your tribe to drive a political agenda is extremely wrong and negative, which has been the case in Kenya for many many years. I'd say sincerely, we need prayer more than at any other time! We wouldn't want to experience the political violence that we saw in the beginning of last year, God forbid!

The Afrika way, thank you you speak the reality of Kenya, from the days of Kenyatta, nothing much has changed, after all, we have the same leaders who served during his time, and his 'sons' in power currently. Unless we elect a new crop of leadership in Kenya, we may never see any change at all. There needs to be campaigns going on, sensitizing Kenyans on voting in the right people. I once saw a national newspaper in India listing all the members of parliament, their qualifications, whether they have served any jail term or have court cases against them, this was indeed an eyeopener and i wish the media houses in Kenya would embark more on that, shedding light on the kind of leaders that wish to vie for any political seat. They should let the Kenyans know which kind of leaders we're about to elect, so that we can all make informed decisions, then there can be campaigns going on enlightening the people and encouraging to cote in the right people and not accept bribes. Both women and youth should also be encouraged more to take up leadership positions and be trained. As you say, we need to be more radical and give our support fully to the people we feel may be fit for those positions, people who's backgrounds are not tainted and who have no links with the current politicians.

This may take a while but i think we are all tired of the status quo and we might see the change that we have been waiting for sooner. Lets keep on praying, God has His eyes upon us and if we look to Him and change our ways too, something will happen.

Terry Shiundu

MAY BE YOU ARE RIGHT ABOUT the situation,but i think that 2012 will be one year when totally new relations will be establshed and the most important are the relations between men and women - so i hope that through our struggle we can contribute for changing the situation for better....

Yes Marietta, it is my prayer and hope for Kenya that we can start afresh, elect a new breed of people who're not concerned about which tribe one comes from but about the character of the people we elect. We need men and women who will give their lives to serve this great nation without corruption or selfishness! We need change. I don't know when it will be realized, but i know and pray that we will one day have it!


Terry Shiundu

In Africa,it is a sad situation to see how people become violent in the name of trying to get rid of one corrupt official or the other. In liberia, people wanted to get rid of Samuel Doe but not without killing so many innocent people.Same thing happened in Biafra, Nigeria 1967-70. Somehow,these fights often end up as tragic tales. I pray that the youth of Kenya will have the sense and grace to keep things in perspective.

That is it, if the youth can unite and decide on voting in the right people without violence, it would make all the difference. But after what we saw after the 2007 elections, its a sad thing to say that it is only by the hand of God that we can avoid any violence whatsoever. The youth are the same ones who are bought by those corrupt politicians and fight amongst themselves as if there's no tomorrow. Today, the same youth are complaining that there's no food and the government is doing nothing about it, yet it is these youth who shed blood to bring those people in. A very sad state of affairs indeed but i am optimistic that with the right message, campaigns going on and with the youth rallying together, this violence can be averted. Nothing is impossible! There is still hope for Africa!


Terry Shiundu