Dear Correspondents,

My name is Cristi Hegranes. I am the founder of The Press Institute for Women in the Developing World, an organization that trains intelligent, brave, talented women just like you to be journalists in their home communities! It will be my honor to work with WorldPulse and each of you over the next few months.

I became a journalist more than a decade ago because I believe that journalism is an empowering profession. In no other line of work does an individual have the ability to ask bold questions, seek hard truths, and speak for those who cannot speak for themselves. Only a journalist can seek to highlight injustice, provoke change, inspire community and provide access to information so that people everywhere can live freer, fuller lives. In short, journalists change the world everyday.

Throughout the course of my career, I have been fortunate to work as a journalist in New York, San Francisco, Mexico, Nepal and even Rwanda for a short time. In my journeys as a reporter I met many amazing and inspiring people who gave me the great honor of telling their stories and using those stories to shine light on serious issues that impact women throughout the world. In my reporting pursuits, I soon learned that journalism offers human beings a unique point of connection – I was helping people by telling their stories, seeking change on their behalf and uplifting entire communities by sharing their successes and hardships with the world. In turn, these same people were empowering me; making me stronger, braver, and better at my job!

As each of you begins your journey into the amazing world of journalism, please know that I am here to help in anyway I can. I look forward to every opportunity we will have to discuss the principles and the practice of journalism. I look forward to learning about each one of you and reading the wonderful work you will produce.


Cristi Hegranes


My dear sister, my heart is light to be joining hands with you and all these mind extraordinary leaders of our future. I know that your leadership on this journey will take us into unknown and adventuresome territory in ourselves --- and bring the world the voices they are longing to hear. Thank you from all of us at World Pulse. You are gift that has fallen from the stars! Love,

Jensine Larsen World Pulse

When I was very young, I used to dream I would be a journalist. Then when I actually went to the university, I could not pay for the career. So, I became a business expert because I had to pay the bills. And I never again looked back to my first love. I did not have the time to do it. Until I joined Pulse Wire, without knowing what it really was.

Today, reading about you, your life and dreams, I remembered that once, I also had a dream. I feel great doing this. It is like beginning to dream again. You just inspired me to go and chase the butterfly I had once let go.

Nice meeting you.


Jacqueline Patiño FundActiva Tarija - Bolivia South America

Hello Cristi,

It is not not only joy and inspirational but also empowering to have you as a coach . I admire your accomplishments and desire to be the change that will make a difference. I am looking forward to tapping to your wisdom and knowledge as I know it will enhance my capacity.

Tunakupenda! We love you


Dear Cristi,

To read your letter is very encouraging for me. My heart and my head is ready to receive and put in practice the valuable knowledge and guide your will be sharing with us.

Thank you for giving your time and effort to women from different places and cultures.

Warm regards, Cristina

Dear Christi

It is so great to read what you have written. Your words are empowering. Journalism has not been my profession, but i have written about issues in papers, and i completely agree with you when you say that as a journalist, we can make the voices of the voiceless heard, and bring a change in our own little ways.

It is also wonderful to know that you have worked in Nepal as a journalist. I would love to know more about the issues you covered while you were here in Nepal. Is there anyway i can access your work?

Once again, i would like to thank you for being together with us in this enlightening and adventurous journey.

Love Khushbu

Khushbu Agrawal

Dear Kristi, First of all, Welcome to World pulse. It's my pleasure to meet you here. Your words are encouraging. As all of our World Pulse friends, I also found journalism as empowering and fascinating profession although I am a student. While I read your love letter, I found that you have worked in Nepal as a journalist. I too was wondering like Khushbu to know. I would love to know about your project if you do not mind to share with us. I cannot wait to read your next article.

With Love and RegardsSunita Basnet

Hi Cristi, We are all honored as correspondents to have you journey with us in this course of life. Your voice and vision inspires helping as resolve to aspire for greater heights using journalism. Thank you for accepting to lead us, teach us, encourage us and above all coach and mentor us. we salute you !

Love, Gifty Pearl

 Founder - Greight Foundation Inc.

Dear Cristi,

Great is this opportunity to read your lovely letter. It is my pleasure to get introduced to a veteran journalist and an inspiring woman like you. I am a journalist by profession and as i had mentioned earlier in my posts, in Kenya you can't do much or go far with your basic journalistic skills if you are not in the mainstream media. And by the way, getting your articles published as a freelancer is tough too. That is the major reason why i will ever be greatful for finding a chance with worldpulse and meeting inspiring women like you.


We Can Do It!

Joanne Wanjala

It is such an honor to have some one like you on pulsewire . I want to congratulate and thank you for the good work you are doing of empowering women. Looking forward to learn more from you.

Love you, Dando

Hi Christi, It is indeed a great honour to have you in our midst, I am sure we are going to have a swell time together as you take us through the rudiments of journalism. I want to thank and appreciate you for giving us this priviledge. You are a great blessing to us because by the time we finish this training, we will all become powerful voices that will shake and change our World for the better. Thank you once again Christi for your kind gesture and welcome.

Looking forward to tap from your wealth of experience Busayo

Busayo ObisakinWomen inspiration Development center Ile-Ife, Nigeria

Hello Christi! It's also an honor for me to be in this journey and meeting you here in cyberspace and all the other women i bumped into this magical place. I've never thought that this is the place where i can find the answers for my long time wish to be a journalist. You are surely a great resource for me in my aspiration to be the voice of he unheard women and children of the world. You are very much needed in the fullfillment of this desire.W ish you good health and all the best in making us truly the voices of the future.

more power to you!.

It is very nice meeting you and I really look forward to getting to know the woman like you who have decided to take an active role in empowering woman. I have always loved writing but never really considered journalism before since I always picture myself as a writer more.

I think it is part of what will really help change things by taking the woman who are willing to try this and teaching them how to create the mood of change we want. I believe before that when a woman was helped it was not with the stated intention of empowering other woman. I believe before it was somehow implied that while they were special and worthy the rest were not somehow. So it was a false sort of environment that we will turn into a real one. Like before, we will do it one woman at a time but other woman will see the ripples spreading and begin to believe it is real and possible. Working toward that day is such a worthy way to use our time!

Thank you and I look forward to this journey together,


Dear Cristi

First of all thank you for being there for us.It is great to have you here as a motivator, I have never been involved in this profession of journalism but always aspired to be. I have written articles on newspapers as a freelancer and I cannot disagree with you on the notation "Pen is so powerful" and it can really change the lives of people in a positive way. Like two of my friends from Nepal, I too am eager to know about your accomplishments in Nepal and your experience about Nepal.

Look forward to hear from you and learn from you

Great to have you here

regards Anjana

Dear Cristi, A career in Journalism had not crossed my mind until fairly recently. I had always wanted to change the world but I had no idea how I could do that exactly. When I read your words: "Only a journalist can seek to highlight injustice, provoke change, inspire community and provide access to information so that people everywhere can live freer, fuller lives." My heart skipped a beat. I had never thought of Journalism as being able to do all those things before. Its a revelation to me that I can use my love for writing to effect real change. Of course, I know of others who have done this, but me? It took me a while to get here, perhaps because my voice has been hidden under self doubt for so long. I am sure with your training and your continued inspiration it will continue to grow in directions I can't even dream of yet. Thank you so much, Blessings Tina

Cristi, You are getting a sense of the wealth of potential on PulseWire and the sincere appreciation for the gift of what your organization can offer. These voices are just a sampling of the excited anticipation and enthusiasm towards the mentoring and training our correspondents will receive from your dedicated team. So many have never considered themselves as journalists but now here they stand before you, with passion and a desire to raise their voice on behalf of the women in their communities.

Under your leadership, I know that they will go on to touch many lives in the most profound way. You are helping to shape the leaders of tomorrow and I thank you for the gifts of your knowledge, wisdom, friendship and time. It's going to be a most inspiring and fulfilling journey, and I can't wait to share it with you all. Jancie PulseWire Community Director

Hi Cristi,

We are thrilled to have your leadership, knowledge and experience in leading our amazing World Pulse Correspondents through the training for becoming citizen journalists. The program that you have created is so rich and empowering for writers around the world who have a message to share and need the skills to package that message in a powerful way. I cannot wait to see what happens through the Voices of Our Future program and what our correspondents can do after working with you and their empowerment coaches. Thank you for choosing to be a part of this program and lending your expertise, passion and time to make this a success and a rewarding experience for everyone.

Warm regards, Jade