Man has the impulse to always love to be free. Man will always seek freedom in any kind of way, particularly when there is a need to express a crucial opinion,give or obtain useful information.

Most cases where there is a threat to this desire, Man naturally resorts to a revolt.

Expressing one's views can only get better when given the freedom to do so. Web 2.0 as a tool for freedom has continued to give voice to the voiceless. In places and circumstances where man craves to be heard, this new invention has accelerated man's voice and strengthen the power of communication.

As a multimedia journalist, I can't but be glad to what Web 2.0 has done to my career.

In 2011, I travelled with a caravan of youths from across Africa and Europe by road in the build up to the United Nations Summit on Climate Change in Durban South Africa, demanding climate justice for Africa. As we travelled by road across six African countries, I used the Internet as a tool to share my stories and the plight of Africans as regards impact of climate change. All forms of social media tools became handy in getting my stories out.

Web 2.0 gives me control over information and how it is shared. I have shared messages that have transformed, influenced and liberated people in my continent, Africa.

Henceforth, I will use this tool to ensure that women voices are heard and issues concerning them, that are under-reported by conventional media get to the open.

As a professional reporter who has benefitted immensely from the use of Web 2.0, i will canvass that more women start up online meetings where issues that affect them can be discussed, and where they could learn skills from one another and network for future development.

Maternal mortality has continued to be a threat to women globally especially in developing countries, with Web 2.0, data can now be collected to help women seek better and affordable health care facilities.

What more can I say, to me Web 2.0 is the most innovative form of freedom for the voiceless across the world.

Take action! This post was submitted in response to Voices of Our Future Application: Empowerment and Web 2.0.


Wow. you traveled across six countries to make a difference. Well done.

And yes web 2.0 has transformed the world and we need to encourage more people to share their voices.

Regards Aminah

Salaam Aminah

Dear Tina,

Tina this message symbolically expressed your zeal for freedom to whichever form, I have also seen your ability to be involved in the change to which you desire, as you relayed your involvement in climate change.

I enjoyed reading it, very good writing Tina. However, I encourage you to add volume to your personal experience by telling us about the obstacles and triumph in your quest for freedom/change to which you would have contributed to.

Continue to impact the world with your writing!

~Veronique _ Cadace

Tina, it is so inspiring to hear how Web 2.0 is helping you as a journalist to raise awareness and giving voice to Africans’ views and solutions on critical environmental issues that surely affect us all! I look forward to reading more of your journal articles (which actually, I already have:) and am especially looking forward to your forthcoming articles giving voice to concerns and solutions regarding maternal health care. All the best to you,