About Me: I am a journalist by profession working with a private media house in the North West region of Cameroon. i have worked here for several years and has gained much professional experience and build a lot on my communication skills and expertise. I love to work and and sensitize populations on key issues be it on radio or through the use of social media.

I have a passion for issues concerning women and other vulnerable groups and this is buttressed in my radio programs and on my facebook page. On the radio I do a program "Women's World", a program dedicate to emancipate women and sensitize them on their rights. I equally produce a program "The advocate", through which I do a lot of advocacy in collaboration with some Non Governmental Organizations.

I love music and working online is one of my favorite activities.

My Passions: I cherish spending my time working as a journalist. I am very passionate about issues concerning women.

My Challenges: Challenge to stay professional at all times in the face of difficulties ranging from difficulties in getting to news sources and the challenge to impact the lives of people everyday.

My Vision for the Future: My vision is to see a Cameroon where there is gender equality at all levels and in all spheres of life. a Cameroon and a world where the smiles from the faces of women and young girls will be genuine smiles.

My Areas of Expertise: I am an expert in the field of Communication.


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