I remember the first day I used the internet. Somebody told me about emails, he said I didn’t have to send letters or text messages because I could just go online and do it for free. Then along the way face book appeared and then twitter and wow!!!i could connect with people all over the world, some that I didn’t even know. I got to know what was happening around the world fast and got to know how other people felt about. I could write my views on different things and got to see people’s reaction almost immediately, and that’s what excites me about Web 2.0. I can take a journey around the world and through time, I can be this great writer, and write about me, my life, and my country then get people to see what I have written without hassle. I don’t have to have it printed in the papers, television or radio, I just have to find a public forum and do it, what a great friend technology is. With time I have come to learn that the problems that most women are facing worldwide are women global problems as such need global solutions. I see Web 2.0 as an opportunity that global women's empowerment movement exposes things happening in various countries and how those issues were dealt or can be dealt with. By so doing somebody else in another country can learn a lesson or two or even take heart and write about what so ever is happening in their country. Web 2.0 gives me an opportunity to know whats going on through the world. I can search for opportunities worldwide, I can get breaking news, I can study and even easily make friends and now it has given me an opportunity to be a voice for that girl or woman in my country one of the poorest in the world-Malawi. And life is tough in this part of the world, it’s tougher in the rural areas but believe you me its worse when you are a girl in the rural area of my world. And I can make a difference, I can be their voice, I can seek counsel and find ways to give them hope. All because I have found a place I can speak out.

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I am so happy that you have found this place. I think the best thing abour Web 2.0 is how we can use it to not only help ourselves but also the people who are in most need of it.

I hope to read and participate in all that you will posting here.

Cheers, Lisa


Hello, Tina.

I felt such pleasure reading your post! I could feel your excitement about being able to connect to others around the world, and I truly believe you Will make a difference. I look forward to reading your posts in the future.

Best to you,


~ Julie Thompson

Hi Tina,

I agree with you that the connections made through Web 2.0 are so exciting and offer so many opportunities. How interesting it is to connect with other women and discover the shared problems. In time, these connections can lead to shared solutions, too! I look forward to hearing more about your observations and the solutions you would like to see carried into the global future!

Leslie Stoupas