As a young girl growing up and living with a single parent has had a very profound impact on my personality and my vision for my life. My personality and destiny interact in an iterative fashion to deliver my vision. Destiny directed my part to be born into a family where I will not have the opportunity to be nurtured by both parents at the same time and also made me experience hardship of living with a single parent. I grew up with less supervision from both of my parents whom I lived with at different periods of my growing up years. I never, had anyone to mentor or teach me about life and how to handle life. I learn to take care of myself and to handle any situation that comes my way as best as I can. I grew up having a mind of my own and a vision to be a renowned leader who will create a change for women and the society at large. My personal vision is inextricably linked to my family life, my community and the world at large, thus my personal vision is to be the change that will catalyze the rebalancing of power relations between men and women for a harmonious society. This vision was deeply engraved in my subconscious from my youth and destiny has carefully charted this course for me without any conscious plan. Destiny ensured that I become a lawyer, without applying for a law course (a profession that positions me to strategically champion the cause of the oppressed). At every point of my life I have had to stand for the poor, the oppressed and be the voice for the marginalized especially women who are always disadvantaged in most society. The desire to be one of the voices of our future correspondence is in recognition of the stark reality that it is part of the pieces of my destiny which fits into the larger picture of achieving my personal vision. It is the energizer and the tonic that will ultimately empower me to develop additional competence and propel me to greater heights in all my endeavors. Achieving a set vision may take several actions, experiences, learning, encounters and time. What I am expected to gain during the 5months coaching with experienced mentors is incomparable. For the first time in my life I will have the opportunity of been mentored. The thought of having someone to assist and give me all the necessary support to be the change I had always longed for is fantastic. The reality of actually becoming a voice of our correspondence is a reality that holds lots of opportunities that will empower me to be the best I can be towards attaining my vision. It is a reality of becoming the loudspeaker for almost half of humanity, a rare priviledge indeed! Becoming one of the voices of our correspondence will help me more than ever to be a voice for the oppressed and specifically help me to amplify the voices of ordinary women who continue to bear the heaviest burdens of climate change. I will use the platform to ensure that the voices, concerns and needs of women are heard loudly at decision making arenas from local to global. Addressing the challenges posed by climate change and especially the gender aspect of it is very important in achieving my set vision. If inaction by world leaders does not lead to outright wiping out of the whole of humanity then Climate change is a significant challenge which has the potential to undermine or enhance efforts at attaining gender equality. Effective engagement with the social dimensions and gender aspect of climate change may provide the opportunity for the attainment of gender equality that can bring about gender harmony in all sphere of societal life. Through the voices of our future correspondence, I see my vision and those of other participants linked together and nurtured to reality for a great transformative impact that will bring about gender harmony and a peaceful world devoid of marginalization, oppression and discrimination.

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Indeed you are a leader


Sahar Nuraddin

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I love the way you talk about gives a new sense to women's struggle for their rights and I encourage you to keep the good work going :)

Good luck for everythings! Ke

Women and destiny is a topic that needs to be deeply interrogated. It holds some answers and slotions to our challenges as women. As i progress on world pulse, i hope to shed some light on this issue. Thanks

Dear Titilope,

Thanks so much for your writing. I am happy to hear that you took the lessons you learned from growing up in a single parent family and turned them into a way to help others. In the future, I would suggest checking the flow of your writing--I got I bit confused on your goal since you went from talking about family relationships to climate change.

All the best to you, Mila

Dear Mila, Yes, my family and background has a lot to do with my vision, if you have read all my postings in the last 3 weeks the thread of what i want to do on climate change runs through. Addressing climate change is a potential means of achieveing gender harmony. I quite appreciate your comment because for the first time i found someone who was willing to tell me what was wrong with my writing. I will heed your advice in future writing. Thanks a Million