The recent increase in pump prices of fuel and other petroleum products in Nigeria has drew the ire of Nigerian women. Nigerian women join all Nigerians in condemining the increase and support the peaceful protest been staged all over Nigeria from the 9th of January 2012. The Nigerian women has joined in the protest against removal of fuel subsidy tagged #Occupy Nigeria, they are on the streets of Nigeria calling on Nigerian governmet to reverse the removal of subsidy on fuel and other petroleum products.

The More women group, speaking on behalf of Nigerian women said that "Nigerian women say NO!!! To increase in pump prices of fuel and other petroleum products! Enough!No more poverty distribution policies by a lying government! Ms funmi Iyanda a popular talk show host in Lagos said that she had to leave her sick daughter in the hospital to join the protest because the protest is about the future of her daughter.Some women interviewed at Gani Fawehinmi Park , Ojota, Lagos Nigeria, venue of the #Occupylagos rally said that "removal of fuel subsidy will redistribute poverty which is already disproportionately affecting women" Others siad "we cannot subsidize food for our families again. The fuel subsidy removal has affected our incomes. Our children will soon be withdrawn from school. Our future and that of our children is in serious jeorpady". The protest took a worrisome dimension on the second day when the older women in Benin, Edo state southern Nigeria came out naked in protest. In African Tradition, when old women resort to protesting naked then hell is let loose on the pepetrator of the cause of the protest. Indeed, Nigerian women have demonstrated bravery and are serious in reclaiming back Nigeria from the hands of oil cabals who have vowed to continue to hold Nigerains to ransome. Nigerian women say ABSOLUTE NO!!! TO FUEL HIKE!!! Stay tuned for more women stories on the Fuel Hike from Nigeria


They are in for trouble unless they revert the prices and prosecute the cabals.

Olutosin Oladosu Adebowale Founder/Project Coordinator Star of Hope Transformation Centre, 713 Road, A Close, Festac Town Lagos-Nigeria https:

Dear Sisters in the struggle, we will not give up until they acceed to the wishes of the Nigerian people. No retreat, No surrender! Occupy Continua!!! Until Victory!!!

Yes, dear Sisters, No Retreat, No Surrender. We will continue fighting until God turns our 'badluck' to good.

Has anybody watched and listened to LION GAB in this music titled "Another Moses"? Please try it today. It is loaded with touching message / prayers.