Interacting with web 2.0 is quite an interesting activity whose impacts are immeasurable and beyond imagination. Finding the world pulse online community and connecting with my sisters across the globe has helped to build solid blocks of support for my work on the ground resulting in positive outcomes for women in my country, Nigeria. What actually excites me the most about web 2.0 is its awesomeness in connecting and harnessing the synergies of our voices to mobilize our caring power to create change for women on the ground.

In 2011, I connected Olutosin on the world pulse, instantly we started working together to create gender awareness. We formed a network- Lagos State Gender Advocacy Team (LASGAT)- to advocate for a gender sensitive Lagos state. With this network we now work with Lagos State House of Assembly to ensure the passage of the Gender Equality Law in Lagos state. With Olutosin ‘s connection through the world pulse members of our network are now receiving training on gender and transformation in cape town and India, building critical capacity to sustain the momentum for our work.

The advocacy for the enthronement of women’s right through elimination of all forms of discrimination in all spheres of societal life remains a critical concern of women’s empowerment movement but with Web 2.0‘s social networking tools the voices of women are projected and their concerns given visibility in key policy spaces. Through Web 2.0 women have ceased important policy moments to get their concerns delivered to policy makers. During the process leading to the Rio+20 conferences the world pulse was able to harness and deliver the voices and concerns of women worldwide on the future they want to policy makers. Even the voices of “Ibasa” women from one of the remote areas of Lagos were heard in Rio. The ability of web 2.0 to unify women’s voices on critical issues can in most tremendous way strengthen the bond of sisterhood, support and solidarity needed to make our voices count where it matters.

Not the least is the lift that web 2.0 can give to women’s empowerment movement in raising awareness about the centrality of women’s leadership to address development challenges of the 21st century. The world is in dire need of women’s leadership therefore leveraging on the power of web 2.0 to increase women’s access to decision making positions will ensure the utilization of their leadership for the benefit of mankind.

Bringing the power of web 2.0 to drive women’s empowerment has afforded me the opportunity to mobilize resources, information and support needed to transform the lives of women on the ground. Early this year, I was accepted as one of the vital voices lead fellow. Thanks to Peace and Collaborative Development Network enabled by web 2.0 that provided the information about the fellowship. Thus a new vista of resources and opportunities opened for continued expansion and sustenance of the impacts that I am making in the lives of women.

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Wow! You are doing amazing and incredible work! You have certainly learned how to make the most of web 2.0 and access to the Internet. I love and share your vision of women's leadership. Your accomplishments and leadership are exemplary.

Thank you, Carmen


Learning to make the most of web 2.0 is very important to amplify women's voices. web 2.0 is a platform for learning also. Our advocacy to enthrone women's leadesrhip makes it imperative to learn how to make the most of web 2.0 Thanks for the encouragement. Regards

What you and Olutosin are doing will have impact well beyond the women you directly touch. The knowledge and confidence they gain will help them lead in their communities, contribute to decision-making, create opportunities for themselves and become independent. Great work!

Working with the likes of Olutosin who have great passion to make the difference for women is indeed great. we have a mission to buid the capacity of Nigerian women to begin to take decison making positions and so far our mission is on course. We can only make better impacts as we continue our work. Thank you

Titilope, I was cheering as I read your post. You are a powerful activist and a dynamic writer. You and Olutsin are a formidible pair. I congratulate you on building such a productive connection with her. The work the two of you are doing in Lagos State is inspiring and visionary. I love how you referenced "the synergyof our voices." Synergy is an eloquent way to characterize web 2.0 applications. As you say the potential impact is both immeasurable and beyond imagination.I also subscribe to the PCDN and have found that to be a wonderful resource. You seem to have a talent for accessing networks that can further your goals. Good for you! Keep writing. I look forward to reading more from you!

I am quite happy that you found my post very interesting. I have found a sister in My friend Olutosin and i am glad that we are making the impacts. I believe with our partnership, we can only make better impoacts in the lives of our women in Lagos. Thank you. I appreciate your comments

You are so awesome! I really enjoyed reading your entry because you make it seem as if anyone can do what you did. You make it sound easy and without trying you have empowered me to use more of the resources that World Pulse offers. You go girl!!! Continue to push forward.

The worldpulse resources are there for us to use. Use it and be empowered to better help others . It is important we replicate what we are learning on the Worldpulse, As an activist, i have learnt never to accept imposiblities. So i go at any challenge and refuse to give up until i suceed that way every challenge looks very simple to me. We will continue to push forward together on the worldpiulse. All the best,

My dear Titilope

Yes, the worldwide network of World Pulse is a gold mine of opportunities and partnerships. And I am so happy you are exploring that so well. Its an inspiration for many others. Keep sharing the stories of your good work sister. Love and best wishes!

Stella Paul Twitter: @stellasglobe

Dear stella, I am sooooo happy to hear from you. I am proud of you and your work and i know being a 2012 VOF have contrbiuted greatly to your success. As you can see, i am benefitting immensely from the world pulse goldmine of information. I will not forget to wish u happy birthday though a bit late. I wish you the very best in your carreer pursuit. Be well an sstay blessed