I will admit it - I don't have the entire day to sit and read journal entries - I wish I had because there are so many wonderful stories. So, I am rather selective: I'd read an entry if the title jumps out at me or if I recognize the country's flag (this later surprised me when I realized it).

I find that lines quoted from the entry or a familiar metaphor or proverb helps - familiarity or though provoking titles attract me.

What makes you read an article/journal entry?

Love TJ

Topic Education


I read it (nice publicity!) and the title definitely caught me :)

But can you elaborate on what you consider a great title?


This is very useful, thanks! For me, I find that the first few sentences have to pop out, they have to grab me because they're gritty, impactful or different. They can be very personal but if they're written in a way that is more universal and less about "I" I am more likely to read it. I will also stick with an article if it's written with a powerful, unique voice, something poetic. I'll give more thought to my titles from now on! And guess what, we're South American Sisters! camila

valerie camila rhodes

True - sometimes the first couple of lines makes me read more or not as a great title can catch me but the story has to live up to it!

In keeping with that - I also like the personal account. I don't want to be bombarded with too much of a 'newspaper report' because I find that issues surround empowerment and equality, etc., has more appeal from a personal account.


just like you TJ I am interested more in stories that tells about the writer her\his own experience and feelings it gives me inspiration. thanks for asking such an important question :)


Walaa Salah from Sudan

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Walaa Salah

To click on a post, title is definitely important. How the post begins is also very important. The first few lines will define whether I would read it or not, in general.

But, I personally believe the layout of the post matters very much. Clearly set out paragraphs will help the reader stay and read until the end.

Having said that, on here on this forum as there are many people who are writing for the first time, or who are a bit new to the medium, I make it a point of reading any post to the end. That is if a click on a post, I read to the end. All of us need encouragement from our fellow participants. So yes, in the communal spirit we need to do that.

Those who write and want an audience, should keep in mind the first few points above though.

I have tried reading as many as I could within the time I have. But mainly what I concentrate on most is to see who have received the least comments, and comment on those posts :) I know how much I appreciate feedback and believe if I could make someone else happy by leaving feedback, that will make my day more brighter.

Regards, Aminah

Salaam Aminah

To me, I am first attracted to catchy titles. The first few lines could also make me want to read on. I also read from names I'm familiar with. However, I try to read as many as possible. It is interesting to see how people from different countries tackle the same assignment!



My pen speaks

Every body is new for me.Infact, the forum is new for me. I read as many as I could irrespective of country, familar names, titles. I try to think ---How the issues of women is universal .How a faraway country is having the same issues which my coutry women are facing. If it is different ,it is also a new learning for me. Regards, Minakshi

Title ofcourse and beginning of article. Start and end should always be good. Start should be eye catching and end should be heart touching. I wish I could read each but cause of my busy schedule I am unable to do so but I am trying my best.

I do read most of the post that i opne to the end as i want to know more about applicants i sometime read post based on the applicant sountry and some time the first lines catch my eyes to continue reading. Thank you for bringing the issue what iam really not good at is giving feedback and would like to work on that Thanks TJ Stay connected Ola

It is never too late to try make your way to your dream and left up your expectation.Sudanes Women Building Peacewww.suwepmovement.org

My husband loves this song and one year on his birthday I bought him a poster that has all the words.

It has also somehow been my inspiration, there is so much written there that I find relevance with. Now that is the reason why I try to read every story posted. Written in desiderata is that: "listen to everyone, for everyone has a story to tell, even a fool." Even I, am tempted to read the first few lines first and I have realised that after having missed very crucial information.

So it's a matter of giving others a chance and believing in them. Some people are shy and their opening lines aren't so great but as they warm up, tell a great story. If that is the case, leave it for some time, but do go back to the story and read it again and you'll be amazed.

Have read great responses and motivations or these responses. Thank you.


A successful woman is one who can build a firm foundation with the bricks others throw at her. Author Unkown.

I totally agree that if the title is catchy then it will attract as many people to read the story. But we should be able to support our sisters who are here for the first time by trying to read their posts even if the titles are not as catchy as others. Please read and encouarge our fellow sisters to speak out.

Mrs. Anita Kiddu Muhanguzi Head of Legal and Advocacy Centre for Batwa Minorities a.kiddu@gmail.com cfmlegal@gmail.com Skype: mrs_muhanguzi

Most definitely we should all try to read as many posts and offer feedback to help one another :)

Thank you for your input.


I did enjoy the discussion about what attract readers (for our postings here as well as everywhere). This is our first lesson on (online) journalism: to attract the readers with a catchy title and (even better) with the first lines/the beginning of the posting. Even if there is a lesson in every post, as said above, we all have lots of info to access and digest... and not enough time. Thus I agree it is not feasible to read every post from every group we belong to. So what? Yes, we have to practice our powers of writing in order to be better convey our ideas = have people we want to share info with, to read what we write/speak. This group is a good way of improving (also) our communication powers!

Kindest regards,

Ana Isabel



Nice sum up of the previous posts :) I hope some others were able to read (even though the might not have offered a comment) and learn someone from you all!


I agree with most of the comments. A catchy title, and a strong opening sentence often grabs my attention. I also like posts that end on a positive note or tries to offer a solution to the problem. I do not discriminate against any country or person. If the writing flows, I'll continue reading. I admit that it is impossible to read every post, and so I have asked anyone to message me if they think their post is of a 'Need to Know' basis, as in it contains information about their cause which must get a larger audience. Sometimes, I skim read, which is better than not reading, but I always try to visit that post again and re-read before making a comment.

Warm regards,

Lortoria McDonald


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I've read many of your responses and have commented on a few but my internet connection is not very stable today so I'll just do a general comment to the rest:

Thank you all for your input :) I hope that the information you've shared can help our sisters get some hits with their posts.

I agree that we should try to read as many as possible (regardless of the title or first set of lines) but human beings are rather versatile and it's easy for their attentions to go else where. So, maybe a few of the pointers can help.

Once again, thank you for your feedback!


Based on all your feedback - I've tried to summarize all the information here in one smaller post for those who don't have the time to read through this post and all the accompanying comments.

Please check out the post at "Making your journal entries more visible!"

If I missed anything, feel free to add it in the comments in a one sentence/statement format :)

Let's help to make our sisters and their personal stories more visible!!!

Love TJ