The most exciting to me about Web2.0 is the media empowerment it provides, especially in a time like this, when it is very expensive to get news worthy stories published or aired by media houses. Most offline journalists would demand for a brown envelop or monetary tips before news worthy story can be published. But with Web2.0 there is no limitation at all, my voice and actions can be heard and seen globally.As a citizen journalist I am free and I can help to free other women. The rare opportunity of meeting and interacting with intelligent and passionate online friends is also an additional empowerment for me. Web 2.0 makes it easier to network with like-minded individuals and to join one or two existing movement for global change. Also exciting to me is the opportunity to integrate with other cultural background and actions that involve and concern women. This opening allows me to know the various global cultures and government policies that promote or deprive the women folks. My knowledge of the cultural background would enable me access areas of global need.

In addition, the global women empowerment movement would be widely and quickly spread by the use of Web2.0.Raising awareness on vital and urgent women conditions around the world would be made easier by the use of Web 2.0 and the online connections that would be created would allow for a community-oriented solution to any problem raised. The different ideas that would be raised by various change-makers would definitely provide possible solutions. Women are empowered to build movements and to share stories that involve women from the right perspective of a woman with the intention to provide or get swift solutions. Also, the women related conditions in the world that have not been reported or under-reported can now get global readership and possibly prompt solutions. Stories that concern women will no longer be on the waiting list of political items that need the majority vote before they are addressed because the entire web community will have access to these stories and takes bold steps to assist or help .

To conclude the Web 2.0 has been eventful to me so far because I no longer need to lobby around offline Journalist and Editors or begin to package brown envelops to get my news worthy and life –changing stories published. Recently, the Swedish government sent a delegation to Nigeria for bilateral talk on the mass entry of Nigerian girls and women into Sweden for the purpose of commercial sex. I would really love to use this new opportunity to support and help the Nigerian women in the movement against female trafficking. Most of these women and girls are stranded in foreign countries and are awaiting rescue teams. With the empowerment provided by Web2.0, I would through the government agency in charge of female trafficking in Nigeria be able to help with their home coming and rehabilitation processes.

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After my 1 year training way back 1975-76 at the height of martial rule in Manila I easily landed to a job at the age of 22 as a community dev't.worker in a slum dweller community/area to an NGO.After 5mos.working in the area the institution i am working with decided to transfer me to a very distant area because they put a chapter there wherein income-generating project and medical services had been set up.But it was not push thru because the social action director in my hometown convince me to return to my province telling that i have responsibility towards my town that during that time folks should need to be organize.I work in the volcano victim for nine mos.only because i've felt the need to pursue my study to the catholic school/college who offered scholarship which luckily i've pass.I suppose to take a 4- year education course but it only 1st semester of my 1st year.I wasn't able to return after the break because I got married on a very wrong time.And the outcome of my wrong decision/choice at that time begins.I married a irresponsible -spoiled brat,drunkard man.I decided to be separated to my husband when our first child is at age 6 & a-half mos.At about my son will be 1 year old that's the time my first job hired me again and we are composed of 3 staff in a medical team.We put up a community-based clinic in a rural area outside the city.Community organizing goes hand-in -hand with health promotion and disease prevention knowledge and skills.How interesting to work with oriented rural folks because they easily appreciated our presence in their community unlike city people who are hand-to-mouth existence.Although there are threath to us and we've suspected as activists' we're able to survive. With my husbands prayer and courtship again I was been moved to give him another chance only to realize that his promises is a fake.My struggles/hardship begin again.Well, I need to endure the outcome of my wrong decision again because i got pregnant to my second son.During that time,he's on-and-off on job the very least is 3 mos.only he can stay.He work for 1 & a half mos.only after i gave birth and after 2mos.i'm back to work he quit for good to his job and stay with me in the community where he's also back to his vices.Year 1983 when i decided to make a final for sure decision to be separated and be a single mom.It's how i say i face and handle my struggles gracefully.

Adelma dear, you have survived and I hope you intend to help others usual. You know what, life is a teacher and and the test or examinations to be written for promotions are the struggles you mentioned in your story.

Good news- Do you know that you can give yourself a second,third or fourth chance.You did it before, remember.Why not for yourelf.I know time has gone by but I also know that once the mind is set at any time, it can achieve a lot.

It is good to accept individual's wrong decision and it is better to allow for healing and rebirth. Do enjoy your feat as a survivor while you await your promotion benefits through another attempt.



Dear tocssfoundation,

So sorry for the late reply and acknowledgement of your inspiring views and acceptance of me.Thanks a lot for your encouraging support and understanding of my past experiences. I really can say that where I am now is the product of my acknowledgment of the wrong decision I've done before and give myself a room for improvement and development.Growing up is not having to say something nice that you don;t really and truly feel.

I really appreciate your words of encouragement and in return for sure I'll do the same to my co-sister here in Pulse Wire as well as to the community where I have my interaction.

More power to you all ! ! !

This was great! You have this really pragmatic way of putting things which I found great. It showed that dreamers can be practical. And web 2.0, is after all, about being able to use those tools for something! I like to hear more about your experiences, especially regarding Human Trafficking because is a issue that´s not really discussed in today´s society and it is the fastest growing criminal activity.

Thanks for sharing your voice!

Natasha Leite

Thanks Natasha for your kind comment. On the plight of the trafficked persons and the activities that surround the obnoxious act, I strongly HOPE for a change .The hope that is backed with hard work. Keep up your good work too.


Dear friend, your story is great. I am so happy to hear that Web 2.0 helped you to improve the life of a young woman through education, this is real women empowerment. I am so proud of you!

Good Luck!


Just want to let you know that I have great admiration for you and what you have shared here in the community. I learn so very much from the women of the Pulse Wire Community. I am ever reminded of the struggle for change and the realization of so much work to be done, as we hope for change, and as you stated, so much hard work still ahead.

It is so true that Web 2.0 can be a very powerful platform. I applaud your writing here and support you here. I will watch for more from you and listen fully,

In Kindness and Admiration,


Hi, Your genuine concern for women and for making a difference in their lives is very evident in your voice. You have a clear vision of how you can empower others.

In partnership with you, Marti

Dear Shalom - You are a committed, involved woman and I share your personal vision for the future "To help activate programmes that will bridge the educational gap between the indigent children and the privileged children of the world." All must benefit from an education and Web 2.0 will ensure this important message is heard. Continue to be strong and look for the countless possibilities to connect your own community with the world.