One can save the word Occupy from its gendered tone by persuing it as to occupy our lead , occupy our street and say no to harrassment , however harrassment is going on if you are a man or a woman some times it depends on the way one walk , how the body move , because in a way or another we have stereo typical meanings and ideas on bodies , bodies that matter ..
yes we matter , we matter as long as we are a matter of multiple thoughts , and conversation ,
we advocate mistreatment and misunderstanding of a difference when the fear silence us , our voice is shut , it lays down , say none .
while we should relate that , the movement and the notice of a lightness , we go to the feminine and the struggle have a diversion .
we are not speaking yet because we havent a body all our actions are to fight and to resist ,
resistance is one thing but embodiment is yet ...
i write this in parallel of my reading of the Speculum Of The Other Woman (Luce Irigaray)
wo-man ..
and when we say 'we' , 'who' , 'me' , that matter ... the embodiment of the language .
or its disembodiment that is yet to impliment itself ?
we swallow the notion of things , notions are occupied , notions havent a nation ,
notions are a form some times a shade ..