For Nepal

Some day I’ll wake up to see my country change its wind to a newer and better generation…some day I’ll have my hand write a positive remark on our environment…someday I’ll eat the food in harmony without thinking others are living without it….some day I’ll never have to write a someday statement and feel horribly tiny for not being able to do anything.

We are already changed. We hope others to change for the better but when we really touch the mess that had spilled this place, we get pulled in that rubble and look the same as them, do the same as them unfortunately.

I don't want to be in the midst of some chaos later. To have a perfect reason to panic and remorse for the things I have not done and that I will not never do. I so hope that i will not have to see that day and feel that way and fear for it too.

If there's a way to stop somebody from making the same mistakes that we have committed one time? That somebody deliberately wants to make that amount of mistake knowing the consequences from those example. You withhold that person as much as you can, try your hardest, and the extent of measure you have to take to stop him/her from being completely stupid and trying to prove he/she is not the only one, the magnitude of idiocy here is undeniably grave. How do we stop them.

(The mistake of selfishness, the mistake of supremacy, the mistake of exploiting what we are fortunate to have and not realizing the importance and the mistake of not doing anything)


Dearest Tripti,

First I want to welcome you to the PulseWire community. Pooza told me about some great sisters from Nepal, and here I see your strength in vision and beauty of voice.

I have learned so much about your country from the most remarkable group of young women I have ever met - Nepali women on PulseWire who have a fierce fire in their bellies and a passion in their hearts. And it seems I have met another! I have great hope for your country.

In friendship, Jade

Thank you Jade for your welcome. I am so happy that you think that way. I love my country and i would help my country as much as i can and with the help and support from dear friends like you, i think it would be a lot easier.