I am a girl.
I am a girl , my mother is scared to let me go out of home
I am girl, my dad is worried about my life
The devils are around me
Searching for chance to attack on my body,my soul
Myself always have to be apprehensive
Apprehensive for being molested
For being humiliated
I am girl, I am scared
Fear always tries to grab me, hold my soul
I am a girl, want to fly as a bird charming my feathers
Want to test the honey of life
Want to set my sail to the east where the sun rises
Want to touch the ray of the sunlight
Want to bloom a sunflower
I am girl, I am the light of an angel.

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Dear Ukheng,

Thanks for sharing the beautiful and powerful poem with us here! I am so moved. You are such a young inspiring lady, keep up your good work!

Regards, Sarvina from Cambodia VOF 2011 Correspondent

Thank you Tiffany, i consider my self a butterfly , still wrapped by the cover and wants to come out and smell the scent of the mother earth, but predators are outside , i have to fly against the wind and thunder to reach my goal. love and respect Ukheng