Chittagong Hill Tracts consists of Khagrachari, Bandarban and Rangamati located in south eastern Bangladesh where more than 13 underprivileged Indigenous Communities making up only 1 percent of the overall population of Bangladesh. Though the Government, several INGOs and NGO’s are working in different remote areas to provide basic health care and have initiated  many community based development activities such as making them aware of nutrition, sanitation, necessity of vaccination, maintenance of household hygiene, HIV, breast cancer etc., often they fail to reach the young girls or adolescents.  Discussing about menstruation, abortion, women’s sexual health, teen pregnancy, infections, birth control, using sanitary napkins are often considered as taboo and young girls often don’t express their problems related to their health, even though they may have had preventable problems that have resulted in serious morbidity or even death at a young age after seeking an unsafe abortion. We hope to empower the local adolescent girls and their community members through our intervention so that they can live healthier lives and have more equal chances to reach their live potential.Our target group will be educated about their own body and especially reproductive health after this project and a positive attitude will come regarding sexual and reproductive health among them. They will be able to express their difficulties to health workers and collaborating school teachers during the adolescent period without any hesitation after our project. Further we will organize community health workshop in the Indigenous Paras. We willprovide the report to the local schools, hand out the report to local NGO’s and other health professionals in the areas.


I am certain that this October, in Salt Lake City Utah, USA, we will make known to the world that women's voices matter in all things. I am acting as an ambassador to the 2015 Parliament of the World's Religions For the first time, this year, the parliament is having a "women's initiative."

The 2015 parliament is also addressing sustainable environment issues and indigenous populations. Perhaps you could make a program proposal: The deadline is March 15.

In addition to asking my WP sisters and brothers to consider attending the parliament, I am working with World Pulse Sister Zeph, SHEROES United, and One Billion Rising to create a parade of people in support of social justice for women. Sister Urmila is bringing her menstrual hygiene campaign to the parade event.

I would love to have you and a group join us in support of your efforts.



I have seen the menustral hygiene campaign of Urmila's. Its really amazing. I also like to join Sheroes , please provide a advice and instructions to join.




Hello Ukheng! I admire your commitment to the underprivileged indigenous communities in Bangladesh. This is an important and necessary project you are taking on that will have such an impact at a crucial time in a young girl's life. I agree with you that educating these young girls about their bodies and reproduction will go a long way toward improving their self esteem and helping to instill a positive attitude. Keep up the good work!!

In love and peace,


Dear Ukheng,

This is such an important and beautifully put together project. It is no small task to break taboos of even speaking about these issues. So many young women and girls will benefit from this work. I hope that all you have described here can also be a blueprint for others to follow, and continue to expand with good funding. This kind of information, and these opportunities for discussion are life-changing. This is such good news.

With Love in Sisterhood,


Hello All,

Thank you so much to all for such encouragaing comments. I would like to inform to you all that my proposed project has been accepted and we will be starting our work from MAY.Please keep me in your prayers.