Today I want to share a good news with my World Pulse sisters, a story of success and joy.

I can proudly tell today that I am studying at Asian University for Women (AUW). A university which is creating future women leaders in Asia through providing certain opportunties to unlock their leadership potentials. One years back I and one of my professor from AUW started a project which will be helpful to encourage students from underpreviliged Indigenous groups from Chittagong Hill Tracts and to bring the solidarity between indigenous minority people and Majority Bengali group. I had selected 9 incredibly intellectual young women from AUW (Bengali) and 10 Indigenous Mentees (8 girls and two boys) from Khagrachari, Chittagong Hill Tracts. The kind hearted professor who is an amazing woman agreed to be the advisor for our project and she is the one who used to provide funding. In this project we are providing mentoring with small amount of incentives. I was worried about the sustainabilty of the project due to limited  the budget. Every year Takahashi Foundation from Japan provides a specific funding to support two research projects for AUW professors and students. Me and my professor applied for the funding few months back and we are  lucky enough to get funded along with another professor. Very soon we will be starting our research called "Which factors impede the Indigenous students from Chittagong Hill Tracts  to continue education ?"

We can proudly announce that the Mentors are all girls, we are sisters who will bring positive change in the conflict affected area like Chittagong Hill Tracts.


Congratulations, Ukheng. You will do great things with your life.

Thank you for being a blessing upon our shared earth.


Dear Ukheng, 

Congratulations on this great recognition and achievement! Mentorship is so valuable and critical, and you are making a difference in the lives of many!

Warmly, Ellie

Hello Ellie,

I really appreciate your warm greetings, this is not only the acheivement of mine but also for our whole team. 




Dear Ukheng,

What an important project, and how wonderful that you and your team of sisters are able to work together on this. So many will benefit.

Best wishes and good luck!