My story about Love.

Something recently asks me what I have in mind when pronouncing a magic word. And I can not answer because it all on feelings and sensations, and translate into a few words, even in the offer - something impossible, the feeling in the first place for me. I decided to write on this subject a little bit of his experience, his story about love. Much word means. Still struggling over the word, everyone understands them something of their own, someone is dreaming about it, some of it is already running, somebody denies it, someone is trying to value it, someone is thirsty, but with all of its search. Those who reject - reject, because they rejected. Those who are running - they were scorched, and now they are afraid to approach the fire again. But then again, they pulled back, and they have already decided - or jump into the fire again, or run away, or regularly fill his ice water mind, and suddenly disappear... Yes, perhaps it is also FIRE. So many things are called that word. About one singing songs about another dream of all girls and boys want a completely different during adolescence. And all of this and many more, that's the concept. I am, because of their tendency to think too much and build logic to all this his mental rubbish does not get confused, was still a love about this card: -There is love - this is when for a while you begin to hurt this person, you can not throw him out of his head with one hand - this is a huge tide of emotion, and the sea of adrenaline, but on the other hand - a few annoying after a while, that nothing less than others you totally do not you ... noteworthy is the fact that only interested in one thing in this state: get the object of his desire to eventually acquire the object either, and after some time reduce the intensity of emotions, and is gradually eroding, replacing the real picture, often disappointing, or the object is not caught, and over time the emotions subside and once again comes great comforting words "do not hurt something and wanted to." -Have a passion. When you realize that people - not what you want, you see that your relationship any good produce can not - but you as if holding something on a leash, and you come to this man, despite the fact that the inside part of you consciously wants to leave. Let's just say, as I understand it - it is a punishment from above, and as soon as the lesson is absorbed, and such nehily lesson painful is the wrong word, the whole binding disappears suddenly, instantly and completely. - Is attached. Sometimes it grows out of love, when love goes; it changes the attachment - some sort of sense, which consists of a bunch of threads that are stuck to each other during their holiday together. And say "I love you" they are referring to something like "me to you comfortable, familiar, comfortable, and from that I'm not cold, but lost the internal freedom and all that goes into the neighborhood with fear to be alone. - A platonic love. On the one hand - this is a good beginning for a man who is afraid of real relationships, but he needs to feel a sense of light even to someone in this world. Platonic love is very much gives that loves what we love loving it provides a painless way out unfulfilled feelings, and favorite - increases self-esteem. On the other hand - may well be true that some people just love, but you can not get anything, and you just glad that now he is there. - And there is love. This, the one I do not know how else to call it ... I know how to say this. Just now I can tell. We had kids - a boy and a girl. On the wall is the inscription "I love you Lola!" and bottom of another "I love you, Rustam. So these guys then walked, happy - no words, so she was always under his arm, staring at each other - not stop loving each other. And they both shone his happiness, and this light warming all around. Then they got married, had a daughter ... So every year when I meet them - I'm amazed. They are all well - walking, she - under her arm, staring at each other and the world. And so for many years. Here, too, so I want to. I think all this would like, but now they were scared, everyone wants to just cakes, so everything was perfect and without drawbacks and that oh! I hurt - that the person to whom they confide pain would never do, everyone wants to come to them doing the first step, but they still might think, to protect themselves, or open yet? And finally - a song from TV's "fool, but stay", men who maintain "I forbade myself to emotions, to see everything without distortion", abortion, divorce, suicide and other horrors. Although the drug - a simple and ancient as this world. Love. Love moves in this world - love - is light. Now the sun shines, and if during meditation to provide you - a bird, flying in the sun - feel the love of such a huge force coming from the light ... oh ... And the sun shines, and everything grows, changes, is born, dies, is revived in a new capacity and dies again, and then - again, born and growing ... Love - is what were drawn first woman and first man to each other. Love - this exchange of energy, warmth, a dance of fire and light, is the attraction of yin and yang, what physicists call plus and minus a lot of births and deaths in the same ways, are two of the flower, growing side by side on the same land under the same sun, which should be the same, these are people who meet each other in every life, and immediately recognize each other by invisible marks, simply because something inside says, "It - Your Man" ... Love beckons, promises a paradise, but when approaching overthrow of Hell, but everything flows, everything changes and the man, burning all the excess in the hell fire, leaves, tempered steel, and updated and once again reaching for the sun ... Love - is the light that shows you the path. And if you shut this light, the path becomes more difficult. It is difficult, sometimes risky. It requires great courage and determination often. And people are often torn between its two main domestic aspirations - the desire to love, move, grow, live and desire to protect themselves, fear of pain, fear of death, survival instinct, the desire to stand in the static’s of a single moment of comfort. Sigmund Freud called it the desire for life and desire for death. And these two desires - it is like yin and yang, both plus and minus - They attract each other and push, failing to touch on here a little, and at the same time - they were a single entity, and that their movement - to each other - and away, the approach of this movement and creates the energy from which everything revolves, and it is - the same perpetual motion machine, and it too - love...

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Dear Katie,

Hello! How are you? To me it is very pleasant that you have read my composition and that that it was pleasant to you. Thanks you for your pleasant comments.



"Let us make a pledge that, if not all day or all night long, at least for a few moments every day, we will make an effort to experience love, love that is free from selfishness, free from desire, free from expectation, love that is complete freedom." — Swami Chidvilasananda in Kindle My Heart

Ah, love! Thank you for this wonderful and interesting look into love. Spiraling out from the core of our being, our loves are the cobblestones of one's spiritual path: love of family, of partner, of friends, of community, of animals, of nature, of country, of things, of hobbies, of work. We are afraid to love and worry that nobody will love us back. We are apprehensive about the quality of our love relationships: are they strong enough, good enough, durable enough? But if we practise love every day, including the love of one's self, we will find that more of it will flow into our lives, in its many different forms.

Thank you for this lovely piece, Janice

Dear Janice,

Hello! I completely share your point of view. And I am so happy that you felt the things I was going to tell to everybody. If you have your story which will show yourself please send it to me.

Thanks, Umeda

Thank you for writing this reflection on the complexities of love. So many levels of relationshis and so many circles where love resides. An enjoyable read and thought provoking!

In Kindness, Gretchen

PS. Keep smiling as you have a wonderful one!