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Before 1999 the internet world was static. If there was a news article on the web and you wanted to participate in the conversation it was not possible. It was like a stagnant water lake which is still the same as it was few years back. Moreover, there was not much awareness about how web can empower us with such powerful tools that we can have solutions for almost all of your problems. In 1999, Web2.0 was coined breaking the wall of static web page. Being a computers Student I was so excited to contrive and dig in and out the web 2.0. Gradually I figured that it was as simple yet important like water. Water is human beings basic necessity still there are parts of world which are deprived of water. As water is so crucial to live so is web2.0 in 21st century as if you are deprived of it you are deprived of knowledge, information and justice. There is a notion that men are techie savvy whereas women are not. The truth is that it’s factually proven that women are faster and better learners than men if it comes to technology. One of the major issues that women face is that they are never given a chance to showcase their knowledge or brains. They are always trained from childhood how to be a good and perfect wife. Their toys had nothing to do with technology or even simple things like cars. Boys on the contrary, at a very young age will be given cars and electric toys to play with and then they will learn how things work. But, a 21st century woman is smart enough to get hands on their brothers and husbands techie-devices. Citizen journalism is one of the most supreme and efficacious power in date for a women across the globe. Citizen Journalist Turns Symbol of Women’s Hope. With each video they make, they change stereotypical ideas about what rural women in India are like. They come a little a little closer to achieving their goal of extending that empowerment to other women like themselves. The most important and influential characteristic of web 2.0 is that it connects across the world. Today, we can share our stories and experiences with women across the globe which is like a powerhouse of ideas and our rights. If there wouldn’t have been Web 2.0, we wouldn’t have been able to interact with other women in absolute different corner. I personally believe that sharing your experiences, talking to ones who can understand your emotions is highly needed and this purpose is solely solved by Web 2.0. We should be thankful to Darcy DiNucci who introduced to world such a marvelous gift. Today, when we are jotting down our thoughts and stories via World Pulse is the best example of how web 2.0 can empower women. World Pulse has empowered women across the borders and globe.

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That was a good comparison between web 2.0 and water. true, it's as essential as water and remains unavailable to those who are in real need.

And thanks for keeping WP close to your heart, without this family you and me would have never even known each other.

Much love.

Merlin James

Upsi- You have conveyed how connecting via web has transformed our world. You have highlighted women's power, making connections to their use of that power, literally, through this type of communication. Your writing is uniform, concise, and thoughtful. Although there is resistance yet, we are finding this form of connection IS essential, like water, to our growth as a collective power and source of change. Thank you for so eloquently relating your thoughts on this topic.

I do look forward to more from you!

All the best!

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I agree that many women have been sent towards destinies centered on home and family, and deprived of the opportunities to compete in high-tech jobs, and that it starts in childhood and the gender segregation of toys. World Pulse is a great forum to bring these issues to the front and start to change them. Thanks for your post!