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It was raining on one Saturday night in 1987 when I opened my eyes on this beautiful planet. When I was 11, I was introduced to a new outlook of my family: A Rajput Family (Rajput: People who descended from Princely warrior clan in India). Here, our own family is against our freedom than somebody else outside. Women in our family enjoys controlled freedom, even in basic choices in life whether what to wear, places to visit you name it and I would say, “Yes! I didn’t have freedom to choose that myself”. The biggest challenge we face is, our family will never let us study. “Why do we need to send girls to school? In the end they have to get married” What I feel sad most about is, society, women are the equal partner in this conspiracy. Mothers won’t allow them to do anything out of predefined set of task from the fear of getting defamed by male members of family. Mothers-in-law don’t want the same either because they are sadist enough to see us in same situation where they were or just from a sense of owning us as their son’s wife. Exceptionally, my mother, whom I admire most, besides all the discouragement she received regarding her wish for higher education, she was restrained to go out of home to attend college. But she managed to get admission and later continued to study from home and managed graduated in Economics and English. Afterwards she wanted to study Law but while she was studying she had been married and had to drop it. She led a normal life of a housewife. Now, after 27 years I have decided, I will do whatever it takes to make my mother complete her studies, to see her becoming a lawyer, fulfilling her never diminished dream. Today when I write this article, she is filling up forms for several colleges at the age of 53 to complete her law. I find it’s her who has enabled me to take such a step. She sent me for higher studies and job away from home, against will of other family members. At this moment I feel a sense of absolute gratitude, “Mom, you let me be who I wanted to be. Now your daughter will make sure you become what you wished to be, against all odds. ” I had decided, I will not live a life the way my mother had to. That’s when I started setting my own rules, as an independent woman and things have definitely improved for me. But

My first cousin didn’t have the same luck, may be. She was working in a MNC but one sudden day, her brothers took her back home without even explaining why she cannot work. Every time I look at her and I see a entrapped soul trying to be happy with whatever she has been given by others.

It made me think again. I desperately wanted to do something for such women who have talent just like anybody else but bound to be behind the walls. After countless hours spent in thinking, I decided that we all have to stand together and dare to fight for our rights and cannot succumb anymore to these age old mindset which will lead us towards darkness. My vision is to employ every women sitting at home irrespective of her status, caste, location. I named this venture as ‘I Do Dare’, the unuttered words we must say loud for ourselves. With this every woman can earn self-satisfaction of doing something meaningful and money while being at home either by creating any product or value by encouraging other women in their community. I believe that if we are clear with our vision and really want to be a change in this world then we got to do what we have got to do. Currently, I am trying to do my bit by supporting women in my country, whenever and wherever I can:

At Home: I try to set an example for my sisters as I am the only one working and financially independent girl in my family. I call them frequently and motivate them not to give up their studies to fight to become independent.

In office: As we all know, in corporate world women face so many challenges in order to grow up the ladder. . I am working on a report of UN women empowerment principles which our company is in process to sign and I hope this will help us to overcome gender biased issues.

Elsewhere: With my organization currently working in 3 states in 3 months we have spread a wave of hope and employment across and working even more to see day when we DARE TO win together.

Take action! This post was submitted in response to Girls Transform the World 2013.


Upsi, I am so proud of you, of what you've come through, of what you are doing now. These are powerful words. Your strength of vision, and acts on that vision, speak very loudly. The line "...dare to fight for ur rights and cannot succumb....which will lead us toward darkness" carries both power and hope.

You have cleared your path. You have strong vision. You bravely take action.

Yes, you dare.

Let us Hope together- Michelle aka: Cali gal Listener Sister-Mentor @CaliGalMichelle facebook.com/caligalmichelle Tweets by @CaliGalMich

Upasana This is indeed quite a common factor binding most World Pulse women: we all have great moms who did something exemplary to take us where we are today. My salute to her! As her daughter, you are surely doing enough to make her proud. Keep following your dream and also the works you are currently doing. (( I didn't reply to your message about the Dare project, but have kept that in mind. If I travel through places where women are into creative stuff, will convey your message to them. Btw, do you have a website one can browse through?)

Keep writing on!

Stella Paul Twitter: @stellasglobe

I love seeing my two dear friends here on this page together. I, too, have a Mom who stood up for her children. Although they were severely disabled, she defied "medical advice" and loved them as any other child. She is my rock. Perhaps someday I will compile stories of our mothers- they are a tie that binds us together as sisters. I love you both!

Let us Hope together- Michelle aka: Cali gal Listener Sister-Mentor @CaliGalMichelle facebook.com/caligalmichelle Tweets by @CaliGalMich

I am what I am as you stood next to me always ... You were the one who always pushed for my vision and purpose and here I found many :) .... I am so glad to find you and thankful to WP for the same ... I am glad you loved it :) Thanks to you again for your efforts .. May god bless you and the force be with you :)

Cheers to Life

Thank you so much Stella for such kind words... you are right we all are gifted with such powerful and beautiful talents and strength that we have so much to learn from them ..

Not an issue .. you can check when you have time .. One of the major advantage of women associated is that its not necessary for them to have any creative talent .. as most of them never had a chance to learn painting or stitching ... they can create products from the waste material lying around in our house ... what and how to do I personally train them :) ...

I am currently working on my website .. its under construction .. once LIVE will definitely let you know ... as of now you can visit the facebook page "https://www.facebook.com/IDareOrg?fref=ts" ... Soon I will be launching the first set of products :) ...

If you have anybody around you who would be interested pls feel free to share my contact no with them or mail id .. I will message you both ..

Appreciate your thoughts and you really are an inspiration for all of them ... I personally admire you a lot :)

Cheers to Life


Your work is compelling, your writing powerful, and your words strong. Thank you for your dedication to daring. I am inspired by your commitment to helping your mother achieve her personal goals, as iconoclastic as they may be. Reading your story, I reflected on my own mother, who seeks to find a way to reach the dreams she set for herself as a child.

Some questions I was wondering about while reading:

How would you define "controlled freedom" and how does it differ from other realities of freedom? I'm interested to examine more the dichotomy of marriage and education: why there isn't inherent value in being educated despite domestic personal futures.

Thank you again. All the best! -Elizabeth

Elizabeth, I appreciated your comments and questions on this entry. I especially was drawn to your question about inherent value in education, and is a common thread I read in so many stories. You have a strong 'listening' voice, and I hear it! Thank you for encouraging this young woman!

Let us Hope together- Michelle aka: Cali gal Listener Sister-Mentor @CaliGalMichelle facebook.com/caligalmichelle Tweets by @CaliGalMich

Hi again,

Once again your strong voice, commitment and passion to make things better for all beings has surfaced with such vigor. Always inspired and inspiring others. I am very happy to read your words. You will make the world a better place to live in, beginning with yourself and for those around you in your circles... which will slowly gather momentum and who knows how many you may reach as your ideas reach fruition and touch others?! Keep up the great work. It's an honor to know you here.

Best always, Laura

Laura R.


One of my favorite things about your post (there are many) is your conclusion. You realize and act on the fact that to make a change, you have to approach it from so many levels. You are creating change at the personal, interpersonal, community and larger community. With this inspiring work, ultimately, you're going to make changes at the global level.

You're so right on, we are all in this together. Just as you've titled this journal, the work we do will create changes not only for ourself but for others! This is so powerful and sometimes easy to forget.

I thank you for writing and for all of your work. You're an inspiration. Kim