Fortune when it comes is impossible to predict. One day in 2009 I searched “Women’s networks” in Google. Among the results my eye caught the result named “World pulse”. I then simply followed its registration and signing up. I had no any hope, dream, and imagination of life changing opportunity when I was becoming a member. Now I am feeling that was golden moment written in my destiny to be connected to the World pulse.

Web 2.0 has excited me in all. Making friend across the globe, sharing, and viewing, discussing, and being in touch, helping each other, encouraging each other, involving in each other’s pain and joy are most exciting possessions. It is holy yard where the feeling come from heart that can dance without any hesitation. It’s unrestrained place where everyone can pour their voice. In fact, it has made a single colorful garland of voices blossomed in different garden of heart.

As I felt it is a milestone in global women’s empowerment movement. It has made the voice loud against many cruel, violent traditions such as Sister Shekhina shared about the breast ironing practice in Cameroon which was able to catch the world’s eyes and became one of top news. Likewise Sister Sarvina could shared the voice of sex trafficking in her country Cambodia which attracted UN women’s director Michelle Bachelet’s attention. Many other sisters have started good project for empowering other women. As I know Sister Sunita and Gifty are conducting girls mentoring program in remote village of Nepal and Kenya. Rafiki club is another great example in this movement. So web 2.0 has provided immense solutions in women’s empowering movement.

I surely have been empowered. The first year after becoming a member in World pulse I spent my time without any involvement. Last year I applied for VOF but due to having poor English my hesitation made me obliged not to attend the assignments. I could not stop myself to read inspiring, articles from VOF 2010.I became so closed to almost all the VOF and their spirit encouraged me keep writing. Now I do write without any hesitation regarding my language mistakes. At present, I am writing my assignment it’s just because of being empowered. I am really filled with zeal. My blunt motivation now are sharpened, dim voices are now loud. I have now dream of being a global woman with dignity. I have now dream of being a woman with powerful voice. I have now dream of being a woman with decision making power. So this is for me “THE GARDEN OF MY DREAMS”.

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The garden of my dream, woa! This is wonderful dear sister. I begin my comment with the article pic. I love it. It speaks for itself. Just by seeing the little girl smiling, sited in the garden, it gives me so much hope that women movements are triumphing. What else is better than be happy, innermost joyful? The Buddhists referred to such feelings as to be ‘Sabai’ that is so say – to reach the point of Maximum contentment without anxiousness, emotion with absolute and max level of Inner peace.

Your article is powerful. If you didn’t draw my attention about your language proficiency, I wouldn’t have noticed. Among many writing roles, short sentences are the top golden role. This which, I see you have respected it in your article- by writing very short sentences with absolute clarity.

You know, some of us whose first language is not English turn to feel so depress when it comes to public communication. My sister, I tell you from experience. Myself as an example, I have gone through all sort of embarrassment you can imagine because of my language barrier. I understand such feelings and I pretty understand how this can discourage that push-ful spirits in creating change.

I won’t say your voluntary withdrawal from the VOF 2010 was due to the language skills. Let’s just say—it was a pause, a little pause which was to later on be reactivated. And now, you are unleashing the energy. And that is the reason why you are now brave, confident to stand up and speak (share) our tale for this year’s VOF.

I am proud to know that Pulsewire has been a very instrumental tool in shaping your activism life. It is a good thing to hear that. Keep up the good work—you are an inspiration to many women.

Stay Blessed



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hello Ziwoh,, your comments really gives me lots of strengts and motivation to active in writting. As English is our second language and due to having Nepali based education and also due to lack of practices because not to get opertunity it's quite chalanging for me. But World pulse environment has provided me alot to do . Thanx from heart as you inspired me much more by your comments dear. keep me inspiring.

love u.

very nice dear i am new indeed since 2010 and only now i feel this new urge to writing my thoughts feelings ect . plz stay in touch .

Nosotros los más pequeños, debemos convertirnos en un nudo de resistencia en contra de la mentira y guardar la verdad, mantenerla y difundirla. (subcomandante Insurgente Marcos)

Usha, i'm so proud of you for overcoming the language barrier. You have a right to be heard and we have heard and understood you my sister. Now that you have started, it can only get better. keep writing.

Wow Usha, you have actually inspired me with your story! Well done... Keep writing and believing in yourself.

I do not aim for Perfection; Just excellence!

Dearest Usha,

This is indeed a great post- a Garden of dreams in fact as you described the web 2.0. Worldpulse is so inspiring and I too got an inspiration from all the Pulsewire sisters including you.

O' yeah I almost forgot, your English is great, no mistakes infact... Keep writing, keep informing and keep inspiring us sis. I loved your photo, it looks amazingggggggg

Love, RA.

Great Sister Usha! I am proud of you. Your are an amazing woman. That shows so much improvement within a short time. I agree with you, Web 2.0 had provided us with space to link and connect with friends across the world. Good writing dear sister.

For the past one week, my internet has not been functioning. I can't figure out what. I was only able to submit my assignment last night. A divide in the world of Information Technology, isn't it? Some have easier access and some can't access easily, even for one week! I know I shall overcome.

Cheers Sister,


Hello, I am enthralled and encouraged that it is never to late to do what the heart desires.Great work I see ,powerful language command flowing with the waves of emotion and thoughts bringing reality to shore.

Lucia Buyanza -Clinical Instructor

May I walk with you Joining hands In the Garden of Dreams Your dreams My dreams Our Dreams?

What a lovely idea. Thanks for sharing this with us, Usha.

Monica Clarke, Writer & Storyteller, bringing human rights alive.I wish you 'Nangamso', that is: May you continue to do the good work which you do so well. (A blessing from my ancestors, the Khoikhoi, the first people of South Africa).

Thank you , Dear Sister tears of joy that you found my work worth reading,Am happy for all you women who are making a difference in the world. Lucia

Lucia Buyanza -Clinical Instructor

I am so glad you wrote this article. And as per the first comment, we wouldn't have known about the language barrier had yo not mentioned it. i am happy to be connected to one of the flowers in this Web 2.0 garden - you.

Stay confident and keep writing!

All the best,


A candle looses nothing my lighting another

Usha, thank you very much for this wonderful post! I found it really motivating to read how you got inspired by the many amazing voices we have here at World Pulse. I absolutely agree with you and I'm very much looking forward to reading more of your own inspiring stories!

Usha, You have poetry flowing through your veins, spilling out onto the page where you share so warmly and easily with the rest of the world. You are your own garden, taking the time to grow slowly and wisely.

Thanks for your lovely words.


I have no doubt you'll be a truly global woman, someone who will speak out and be heard. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and your beautiful writing with us!



Keep your wonderful articles coming - Decision-making power is something I am always working with too - sometimes I find myself deferring to my husband's or male teachers' ideas when I should be stating what I believe to be true