Aula de corte e costuraSewing class
  • Aula de corte e costuraSewing class
  • Aula - Sewing class
  • Sewing class
  • Sewing class
  • Sewing class

Dear sisters, I am living a very special moment. I'm working with 25 women. They are learning modeling, cutting, sewing, silk screening, and business management. These are mulhres City of God have low educational and social resources.

Because teaching a profession? They need to have autonomy. Have independence. Have financial resources to continue living.

The design is better every day. They are muitofelizes. Talk about various subjects. Among these issues arise strong themes such as domestic violence, violence in the context osproblemas are shared with the objective of finding solutions.

After competing in a public bidding for financing projects promoted by LAMSA Company / Invepar Institute,( the Committee of the Third Age that the company could finance part of the Cooperative Ecobrindes project and that it be continued until the end of October 2015.

We are currently seeking funding to promote learning for digital inclusion of women in the project. More photos and information about the project you can find at:



What a wonderful project! Do you use the internet at all to explore these topics or teach the classes? If so, it would be a wonderful way to think about digital literacy, our current topic. I wonder if you would be willing to compose a piece about digital issues for our Women Weave the Web Campaign? You would be the first person contributing from Brazil! I'd love to hear your thoughts about how technology affects your life and the lives of women around you. You can find out more information about the campaign here, It would be fabulous to have your voice join others as we think through issues around digital literacy in all its complexity.

By participating, you will be joining a global community of women speaking out on the importance of digital inclusion and empowerment for women. Your voice will be delivered to powerful decision makers such as government officials, leaders in the technology industry, and policy makers at international organizations. In addition to influencing global agendas, your submission to the campaign will open the door to incredible opportunities such as:

· Being selected to represent World Pulse at influential international forums. This is your chance to meet key players and make your voice count!

· Connecting and building relationships with grassroots women leaders around the world. Be part of a community of thousands of women speaking out on this issue!

· Exploring and sharing resources for your work on our Campaign Resources page. Find support for your initiatives from funding to volunteers and supporters!

· Getting your voice heard on a global scale! World Pulse will analyze and collate your stories to deliver recommendations to influencers and decision makers on a global scale.

· Getting visibility and support for your work. Your story could be featured on our site, included in an e-magazine, or even published by well-known media outlets!

And the 2014 Lynn Syms Prize will be awarded to an outstanding grassroots woman and visionary voice using digital tools to effect change and advance her community work. The prize will include a $20,000 monetary prize to be paid out over two years to support her community based work, a feature profile on, and an all-expense paid trip to speak her message in New York City. You can find more on the website,

I hope you'll participate!

Wishing you peace,


We are initiating a phase. Are women with low education and financial situation. The principle are learning a profession. Then we will start the construction of a virtual store. The technology they use is the cell phone and the sending of accountability and new projects for funding.

This is amazing! I'd encourage you to write about this for the Women Weave the Web Campaign. Constructing a virtual store is certainly a part of digital literacy. How empowering!

Very best,


Today the Committee of the Third Age turns 18 years experience in the City of God. I'm very felizi to be part of this work where empreendedorimos women is the great goal.

Leave your vote of congratulations on our facebook page.

Grade A novelty is that we have for the second year, continuing our project, funding LAMSA / Institute Invepar.

This time we will invest in product improvement, making visors and shirts and sandals.

We would also get resources to invest in mulhres digital literacy, web and domain administration and participation in the virtual store of products produced.

Your project is very impressive and I hope you find all the resources you need to make a great impact in the lives of the women you are supporting. Over time I have come to appreaciate that the fastest way to turn the fortunes of a society around is by creating opportunities for women in that society to express themselves.

I hope too that you will contribute stories about your work to the ongoing World Pulse Women Weave the Web campaign

Best wishes, Greengirl

I appreciate what you are doing dear, go ahead. But i would like to know the country you belong to see how I can contrubute . Regards


Dear grateful affection. This work is done in a slum in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil - City of God. A lady of 81 years Benta Neves do Nascimento, gave half his house so we could make this work. Since last year we are working with these women, they were unable to cut and sew today already exhibit their bags, bring new models. Will begin to learn screen printing on 22/05. I am very glad you have your interest in our work.

You are from which country?

very grateful

I AM FROM CAMEROON, Central Africa region. I appreciate your efforts with the community. I also work with my community in my house 1) in recycling plastic paper by crocheting used paper to produce various bags, table mats, carpets, toys, key holder, shoes,purse, dress...2) I also teach how to produce bags and jewelries with artificial beads and paper beads that i fabricate. If you people are interested by all theses hand work activities, look for funding and invite me to come and teach you people. We are together. Always come to me when you need any information Good luck.


Dear thankful for your information. Here we go talking and exchanging our knowledge.

Here in Brazil, I've seen work works made with plastic bags, belts made with the seal of beverage cans, lamp cups and I think these very important work on behalf of environmental conservation and recycling and for the account of the beauty of the work

I crochet, use line. In fact for some time that does not mess with my needles, for lack of time.   I am very glad I do love colorful bead strands and use. We have many things in common my sister.

I do not know english use google translator, please do not understand what I write is just talk to try otherwise.

A big brotherly hug and tell me.

Dear Valeria, I have a deep admiration and respect for what you're doing. You're one of those women who make this world a better place to live. You are a great artist...and a huge source of inspiration and motivation for many women!! Congratulations and thanks for sharing your wonderful project. My best regards, Susana

Joined pieces. Our pieces. Towels soaked in the sweat of our work. Delegated and eternal obligations, survive with praise. Women firming your stories under the care of the Creator. Inspiration of memories, in the bowels of a trajectory transfers, abandons the values ​​of appreciation. Women only, which allow pooling their pieces and rebuild their lives, always on the search for a better world. So are the women of the slum, daily struggle, infinite solidarity, blessed educators even if they live in the middle of a social war. Smile, hope, washing the soul with its own liquid, recover, rebuild, always sewing quilt in their lives by the power of chopped retail social.