Earth Day 46th anniversary
Earth Day 46th anniversary: Let us celebrate the future of our planet and the survival of life on earth.

Earth Day - Friday, April 22 To everyone in World Pulse Community and outside it, who cares about Environment, we invite you Friday, April 22, to connect with us and Mother Earth - Pacha Mama - Madre Tierra - and breathe together.

Wherever you find yourself out on Friday morning and whatever your program is, give yourself a few minutes of attention directed inside your ground - your body. A few minutes of careful listening and conscious breathing. Give yourself permission to feel the energy of your existence.

Breath consciously and feel Mother Earth, her whispers. 

Take care of yourself. I, (say your name), I will recover. I did it many times.

But what you do now you will drive you to the extinction of the human species.

Take care of yourself!

Listen to her! She knows what he says!

We invite you to be the voice of Mother Earth for many people living in deafness of lost consciousness. Pollution and global warming will lead to the destruction of our planet and us as species. Earth unites us all. Mother Earth is our body, our breath, our home. Mother Planet deserves to be the center of everything we worship and at the forefront of all decisions we make. Unfortunately, humanity forgets it, turning its attention rather on what separates us and living off ecological balance. Because of this we have created unprecedented global crisis that seriously threatens our survival.

Therefore, We invite you Friday, April 22, to choose to be conscious of the ways that pollute the Earth. First, be aware how you pollute your own ground with every self-criticizing, every judgment, every doubt and every distrust. And then be aware of how much we pollute by every harsh word we make, through every aggressive  gesture, every judgment issued towards others.

We invite you to connect and breathe together. Choose to change something in respect for Mother Earth. And just make that change. We can go far on foot or by bike. We can recycle or consume less. We can eat more healthily. We can do shorter and cold showers. We can use fewer chemical detergents, and so on. Whatever we choose to change is already very much of a matter. I heard too often people say "I can not change the world alone. What is the matter if I recycle it or not! "Yes, it does!

And we are invited to write a letter, a message, a cooment to address Mother Earth and, if you want to share with us, we will learn from each other. 

We are very grateful for what we feel that emerge in us, through us, with us in the Environment Community on World Pulse. Together we share with as many people  a common life path in by having a conscious life style.

We invite you to post a comment to this post and tell us what you are doing today for our Mother Earth. 

We all share this one planet. When we see it through each others' eyes and celebrate its beauty, we are reminded of all we must work together to protect. This 22nd of April, 2016, marks the 46th anniversary of Earth Day.