The Big Green Bus Project
The Big Green Bus Project:

Kari Chomoky, Sarah Rocio, Kate Parizeau, and Marissa Knodel visit Google's Mountain View, CA headquarters to talk about the Big Green Bus. This event took place on July 20, 2009, as part of the Green@Google series. The Big Green Bus is a group of 15 Dartmouth students on the ultimate 10-week cross-country journey. Our mission: to educate the American public about environmental responsibility and alternative energy. Our vehicle: a bus fueled by waste vegetable oil. Targeting the American consumer, we utilize the presence of our high impact bus, multiple media outlets and individual conversations to encourage millions to become more environmentally responsible at home, at work and in the voting booth.


Really, environmental friendly vehicle should be encouraged. Numerous solutions to the problems associated with the conventional fuel system can not be over emphasised. Waste vegetable oil is a biofuel source that could serve as fuel and energy for some engine system. Green energy, cleaner environment, greenhouse gas effect,and end to the economic and political crisis associated with the current conventional oil in the oil producing developing countries are some of the benefits associated with renewable energy.