About Me: Hi all.

I am an Indian journalist who has just published a book, "The Biology of History-Ascent of Women". It is a big-picture, multi-disciplinary work explaining the biological inevitability of the Rise of Women, globally.

I want women of the world to become aware of what awaits them!

I live in Ahmedabad, India, with my wife. I have a great daughter who lives with her husband and in-laws in Mumbai.

And I have always loved my Motherland, my Mother Tongue (Hindi) and my Mother (who passed away in May 2013).


My Passions: Music, reading and writing

My Challenges: How to empower women further and to solve the obstacles against them in a male-dominated society.

My Vision for the Future: Ascent of Women

My Areas of Expertise: Journalism and writing


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Hi Fatima,

Thanks for your post.

Kindly advise me how can I reach out to the women globally, through WorldPulse, and request them to read my recently published book, "The Biology of History-Ascent of Women." I am sure it would enlighten them about their own 'manifest destiny.'


Virendra Pandit