Her portrait has so many faces, all mouths are talking, and there was disagreement and quarrel, then violence resulting in killing of another. They understand themselves by their language and come together for action. They spoke over more than 500 languages representing their tribes and groups. But someone has to be on top, to leader and govern others and who should that be?

One Body! One Body! The mouths shout aloud. Is she really one? Can it be achieved? Discrimination, hatred, injustice, unfairness, inequality and grievance have taken over her body. Her beautiful body has been disfigured due to tribal, religious and language differences of all the faces.

The coup was planned and executed in January 1966 by her military men to end corruption throughout her political system; the net effect only placed the military in power, while the corruption found a way to continue even today. In 1994, the civilian again took over.

Peace talk at Ghana in 1967 did not make a difference, and then a major part of her that speaks one language decided to secede and proclaim the Republic of Biafra on May 30, 1967.

A series of ethnic clashes emerged between her Northern Hausas and the Ibos and other Eastern peoples living in her Northern region, lasting for years. The war, which came to be known as the her Civil War or Biafran War, lasted from July 6, 1967- January 15, 1970, after which they were reunified again.

Yes, it was Biafran war because over 30,000 Ibos were killed in the North and around 1million fled from the North to their homeland.

I did not realize what truly happened to her until I laid my hand on the 458 pages of novel. Her story has always been told by the elders and those who witness the war. All her body parts were all involved. Half of a Yellow Sun by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, provides context for those memories; war and class, foreign policy indifferent to human suffering when oil is involved, malnutrition and prejudice, arrogance, dependence and corruption, and genocide serve as the backdrop for stories of love and loyalty, childhood and morality and identity, belonging and exclusion, forgiveness and betrayal, vibrancy, hope and grief, survival and resilience, family and friendship.

She has celebrated her 50th birthday yet "None of the problems that led to the war have been solved yet, they are still there. We have a situation creeping towards the type of situation that saw the beginning of the war." Ojukwu says.

Between 1994 and 2011, there have been at least 70 cases of violence in North tagged as religious crisis. None has ever been indicted or prosecuted for violent act and her government has failed to tackle the menace.

One Body! One body! Yet discrimination is still on the rampage. ‘Omo ebo, (ibo child) the middle age women at the school of Nursing addressed me, I am sorry as far as you are not from this state, you cannot get the job. It is true we do not have a physiology lecturer but the state will not employ you, so don’t waste your time.’

Marginalization! Believes the Ibo, yes marginalization I say. The Ibo are believed to migrants from Isreal, so intelligent, ambitious and conscientious. They have immensely restructured sectors that have been poorly managed like NAFDAC, CBN, Military, Education and Finance ministry and others. They have high entrepreneur development which generates a lot of growth for her economy.

From 1960 - 2011, the north have ruled for 38years, west for 12years and the east ruled for 6months in between and was killed and now the seat moved to the south-south. They are at grief, yet it is One Body.

Even now 2011 election is here, the Northern still wants the seat of power. They believe that is the only legacy left for them by the white men.

One body! One Body! Yet the rule of law is not respected and obeyed. She needs to give opportunity to others to lead her entire body so as to beautify her body again.


Dear Vivian,

Somebody!!!! May all the sisters help in contributing with their comments.

I wish all the best my dear Vivian.



"success will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time " And when confronted conquer with love

thank you vivian for sharing this. the way you have written we really feel the long wait, the hypocrisy, the suffereing that we go through because we can't keep together. There seems something in all our stories which is that it is time for to reclaim the feminine. We have been suffering for long enough now with fighting and war and greed. time for women energy.

the 'She' i refer to is my country Nigeria. The ibos believe they are marginalized and wants to be on there own yet the ruling government do not want to hearken to that. The ibo were killed in thousand during the civil war and lost all their properties to the north and western people of Nigeria. there is discrimination all over the country yet they say we are one Nigeria when an Hausa man can not assist an ibo except you talk to him in his language. there are so many tribes with different languages, everyone to themselves, yet we say one Nigeria! one Nigeria!


''Every woman have a story at every stage of Life''

You capture attention in such a unique way that it brings us to read your post. I was asking myself what kind of person it was before I realized you were talking about your dear Nigeria. I know what it takes to a cuntry to be in a mess and I shout with you One Body, One Body!

Trust your HOPES, not your fears... Harmony

This is beautifully written and you presented it well. I loved how you concluded with the statement: "One body! One Body! Yet the rule of law is not respected and obeyed. She needs to give opportunity to others to lead her entire body so as to beautify her body again." I know how it feels when your own sweet home is in chaos.

Warmest regards, RA

O my sister, i am happy you love my piece. I needed to give a voice to my people who were killed in thousand during war. Getting it right involved a lot of research and i thank God for the writing style.



''Every woman have a story at every stage of Life''