The issue of gender-based violence was missing from the Millennium Development Goals. Yet as Hilary Homans explains in this video it has a profound impact on women’s lives globally and in sub-Saharan Africa. For this reason the United Nations Secretary-General appointed in 2012 a Special Representative on Sexual Violence in Conflict: Zainab Hawa Bangura.

Madame Bangura describes her role and the importance of ending impunity towards violence against women. We also hear from the proceedings of a conference organised by law students (Lawyers Without Borders) on the topic of Female Genital Mutilation and what Sir Malcolm Bruce has to say about the need for community-initiatives to end child marriage.


Hello Vivian.

Thank you for this post.I watched the video.And yes GBV was missing in Millennium Development goals and have a profound impact on the lives of women in Sub-Saharan Africa as Hilary Homans said.

Mme Zainab also said something in the video which  is  very profound-Empowering our women.That is absolutely correct but I think while we create programs to empower women who are the victims in most cases,we should also create programs that will bring men together and we speak sense to them  in a non-judegemental way that will appleal to their consciences.

Many books that have been written on bullying prevention focuses more on the victims.But what I did when writing my book on bullying was that I tried to get an insight into the lives of bullies.I wanted to hear from them why they bully--then I embarked on a journey of finding bullies and ex-bullies and interviewing them.

In the same way,I have just created a new program called" Talks with Men"which will be starting in Cameroon in the months ahead.The aim  is to bring  men together to dicuss  gender -based violence and how  we can collectively solve the problem.

If we create such programs and start at the grassroot level ,we will achieve great results.Adding gender-based violence in MDGs  will be a great idea but I really think we need to start solving our own problems because most of the laws that are passed up there are rarely implemented at the grassroots level.Let MDGs meet us half way.Yes we can.

Thanks for sharing Vi.