WACENA continues to resource High Schools in the rural Uganda with a mission of promoting ICT amongst the rural girls. And if somebody knows any High School in Eastern Uganda that needs computers, yet with their own power supply, please, feel free to let us know. The emphasis is on educating girls. We have our teams that do teach Video Editing and Shooting.

Because, Information and Computer Technology (ICT) is beyond imaginary themes/theories for global citizenry. It is a philosophy of real actions.

Take action! This post was submitted in response to WWW: Women Weave the Web .


What great work you are doing with girls in rural Uganda. I like all the pictures you have included in your story. Let us know more about your organization, WACENA, and what it does.

Best of luck to you!


Hi Amy, Thank you very much for appreciating our work. Indeed, we have several programs and I would encourage you to look at our web site for some details. It is: www.wacenauganda.wordpress.com

You may also read some info on our facebook pages like: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Women-And-Children-Empowerment-Network-in... as well as this: https://www.facebook.com/groups/vaabafrica/

Should you have any questions, feel free to contact us for answers as we build the global society fit for humanity.

I thank you!


Maggie Ndagire


Thanks for sharing all the pictures of your work. It is great to see more young people having access to computers! Do they have internet access as well?


Hi Mary, It is always a honor and cause of humbleness to receive compliments of that kind from people who care like you. Thank you very much.

Unfortunately, though, we are still failing to acquire Internet access. And should you be knowing of any charitable Organization that could donate to us such a service, we shall be equally grateful. Nonetheless, we continue pondering about how to surmount the hurdle.

Peace and greetings to you and all friends there with you by name.

Maggie Ndagire WACENA-Uganda www.wacenauganda.wordpress.com

Maggie Ndagire

Hi Maggie

If you haven't already, you might want to see whether either of the following organisations have ideas on how you can get internet connections at the schools, or can give you any other good information about teaching ICT skills..

SchoolNet Uganda http://schoolnetuganda.sc.ug/

UConnect http://www.uconnect.org/

I keep a general list of organisations that provide funding, books, equipment etc to groups in developing countries at http://links2help.wordpress.com/ which you are welcome to use and share.

Good luck!


Hi Maggie

Thanks for sharing the work that WACENA does with ICT and high schools in Uganda. I love the photos you've included - it gives really great 'picture' of the work that WACENA is doing with high school girls in Uganda. It sounds like a really tangible way to support rural girls to learn more about ICT and implement your philosophy of real actions.

Keep up the great work and best wishes Dani

Hello, Maggie. Would it be possible for you to cross post to your World Pulse journal your updates on your WACENA initiative? I would love to be able to applaud you along the way without having to visit other sites, as my commitment to World Pulse is a big priority in my life.

Thank you for being a blessing upon our shared earth. Yvette


Hy Yvette, Happy New Year.

I appreciate your directive embedded in an inquiry. However, I seem not to understand the meaning of your question "Would it be possible for you to cross post to your World Pulse journal your updates on your WACENA initiative?". Upon receipt of your clarifications, I will take the right action as so anticipated from your office and commitment to World Pulse celebrated.

Till then, peace be with you.


Maggie Ndagire

Hello again, Maggie. What I mean is that I am in contact with many of my World Pulse sisters on Facebook, but their posts about their challenges and progress on their projects are not being posted to their World Pulse journals. I would like to see our WP sisters post on their WP journals all that they share through other internet avenues.

Thank you so much, my WP sister. Yvette