From the Frying Pan into a Firebrand

Did any one ever notice, like I have done, that for millions of women in the world life has been and can be a baptism by fire? Most of us are born in societies that have branded us before we are born. We are identified as weak, yet we are the last to have a meal after the man and children yet outlive the man. Inferior to man, yet I have never heard of a blue print gender. Beautiful within limits demarcated by the extent of man’s desire and preference. The list is endless and incidentally, did you see the picture posted on my journal last week? Hey, that is not me. That is a fashion model emaciated to her bones in the name of keeping slim for the market. If you think she is beautiful, see a freak. I will post more in coming weeks and hope they will jolt someone back to sanity. Ooops back to my story.

When our genitals are mutilated, it is supposedly to honor the man we marry, never mind that we cringe in fear and pain in our conjugal beds and silently perform a wake before child delivery, unsure who between the baby and mother shall live. When we raise our voices among men we are admonished, when we excel at leadership we are relegated to Ministries of Women and Children Affairs. Who said we could not lead the Ministries Finance or Defence. When we excel at what we do at home and in the community, it is no news as we are doing what we are supposed to do. Who said I don’t need to be rewarded, recognized and given a pat on the back. When my rights and aspirations are threatened and at times nipped at the bud because am a woman, because am a minority, because am outspoken, because am incorruptible, because am a wife, because am poor, am I supposed to continue frying in the pan then fly into the fire or spike my heart into the thorn like the Thornbird? NO Way!!! I am going to be a firebrand and illuminate the way for the march to a changed world where women and men can enjoy quality lives in unprentious harmony.

I speak of ‘I’ and ‘we’ interchangeably, in the knowledge that each woman’s individual pain and concern is a reflection of a million others in the world. When I speak we connect and correct together. This is my inspiration to participate in the voices of our future.

Take action! This post was submitted in response to Voices of Our Future Application: Your Journey and Vision.



I feel good that am making a difference in my small way. It is really good to hear from the audience otherwise i might sing myself hoarse only to find an empty auditorium on my last note.


Wambui Kairi

You have a strong power of mind and stand against discrimination and mistreatment towards women!

True that many women in this world allow themselves to be exploited for money and fame -like some of the models you mentioned.

Instead of being 'told' what to do and how to live our lives , women should respect themselves first by standing up to their rights! Your voice can make men open their eyes and mind to fully realize that they cannot exist without women - and that we deserve to be treated equally!!

Noriah Ismail

Dr.Noriah Ismail Senior Lecturer Academy of Language Studies UiTM Segamat Johor Malaysia

Wambui, Wow. So many lines you wrote made my skin tingle. I could feel the force and the wisdom within the energy of your thoughts. You help me remember that I too want to ' a firebrand and illuminate the march to a changed world.." Keep writing. Jocelyn