Most people ask me what I do for a living,and my answer is always this simple"I train,promote and advocate for Female Condom".The reason I love my job is a mere fact that I empower women and men to take charge of their lives by protecting themselves from HIV/AIDS,STIs and un-intended pregnancies.With the Female Condom one is assured of dual protection from HIV/AIDS,STIs and un-intended pregnancies,which is not the case with other methods of family Planning.

I have traveled to almost every province in Kenya to train people on the correct and consistent use of Female condom and every time am overwhelmed by people hunger and thirst for more information on Female Condom.I always see their eager faces looking at me and I know the information am giving them is going to be well received and put into use.

My urge is to my fellow women is to embrace Female Condom as it sure gives them a sense of confidence and assertiveness and ability to negotiate for safer sex.

In Kenya,Muthaa Community Development Foundation carry out training,promotion and advocacy on the use of Female condom and we do it at No cost. There is no better feeling like knowing your life is in no threat and that can only be assured by making sure you are practicing safe sex.

Try out Female condom and you can be assured of the most natural,sensitive and risk free sex.



I'm especially pleased about the fact that female condoms places the power of choice in the hands of the woman as well! Do you do free distributions as well? I ask because I'm wondering how this can be diffused to people who could not afford it.

Great work!

Betty Maternal Health Channel Asking questions. Seeking solutions. Saving lives

Hi Betty,

Muthaa Community Development Foundation only train,promote and advocate for Female Condoms.However we link the organizations with the government body that is in charge of the distribution[National AIDS and STIs Control Programme]. Regards

Esther, when you go to these trainings, what are the reactions to the female condom? Do the women like it? What about the men? I am curious. Please share some of your experience when training!

Otherwise, Great work!

Hi Winnie,

Most of the reaction are always very positive,However once in awhile we got some people who complain about the size and the inner ring,We are able to explain this misconceptions by making them understand that,the size of the female condoms is like that because its the woman inserting it and not the man and it allows the man to be able to maneuver. For the inner ring it help to hold in place the female condom and therefore it not hurtful unless you insert the FC2 wrongly men show a lot of curiosity when it come to female condom and they are always expressing their interest on trying it out.Actually men more receptive of Female Condom and they enjoy the fact that FC2 is natural and well lubricate and very strong hence not easy to tear.

The Female condom is a fantastic idea not only is it essential in the prevention of STIand HIV/AIDS , but it also gives women world wide a voice and power when negotiating for sex.The world is a safer place thanks to the Female Condom,I hope the world will embrace beautiful device.

You are doing an amazing job!!