My work has transformed me into what I call an international citizen. I am working outside of my traditional community where I am understood and where my culture does not conflict with my host community’s. My world view is different from my current host community’s; hence my areas of concern are not necessarily a shared concern and my interventions are not necessarily welcome. Navigating around the different world views without compromising my beliefs and at the same time respecting what is important for those with whom I live is a continuous challenge. I have undertaken to learn about other people’s cultures, to share of what I have and to receive what is given to me, for then, we understand each other easier, and better. I have seen that while our world views differ, we more often than not have common ground, from where we can operate. What do I do with two kids who want to go to school and have no school fees? Well, most likely I can pay for the school. And I do. What if both from sickle cell anaemia, and their single mother can barely afford to feed them, let alone pay for their medical bills? How can I empower her mother so that she is at least able to feed her children? Is there any way to facilitate medical care for these children? As outlined in the example above, many of the problems surrounding me and which I would like to be involved in solving require finances and technical expertise; my financial strength is very weak compared to these challenges, and further - expertise requires financing, which again I am limited in facilitating. This lack often leaves me frustrated. Through WorldPulse/PulseWire, I have found communion in kindred spirits, people who can identify with my world, which in itself is a great encouragement. For both challenges, I feel that the forum offered by WorldPulse, and through the exchange therein, I will better understand my environment and that of others. With wider vision greater action becomes possible. I have seen the space to share my concerns and get advise. I will request a lady from Oregon, who today called herself my friend’ (what a joy!), what her lending team that is focusing on provision of micro finance to female entrepreneurs in underdeveloped countries can do to empower the mother of my two friends. Finally, I will write in Pulsewire. I will write and write and write, and I will listen even more, because where I come from, we say that whenever people speak, things rarely go wrong. I know these challenges and barriers will be broken down.

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I have stopped writing I am reading everyone's journal.

Well done dear sister, Worldpulse is a spider that is weaving us together, not that alone, it is directing us in the right path while building the confidence to ride roughly or smoothly LOL.

We are connected that is the major achievement................

Olutosin Oladosu Adebowale Founder/Project Coordinator Star of Hope Transformation Centre, 713 Road, A Close, Festac Town Lagos-Nigeria https:

Olutosin my sister... I am lying in bed with a tummy ache, watching the ladies who clean our area make what I believe u call pap... Porridge. I am browsing worldpulse on my phone and your encouragement makes me smile, and brightens my day... Thank you and God bless you.

every journal is special, every story is heart touching, every one here in pulse wire is valuable and every friends i meet in pulse wire are incredible!!

i can not stop myself reading all the stories, great to read yours too:)


Nilima from Nepal

its said in our national language"palipo wazee hapaharibiki jambo",and how better can i put it,where there are empowered women who raise their voices to speak for the voiceless for sure solutions shall be found.What a writing,i a so impressed of this journal,sister,keep up the good work.

carsongitau Empowered Woman

Dear sister,

Your passion and pragmatism have touched and inspired me. Continue the great work and optimistic approach - I'm with you in spirit!

Love, joy and peace (LJP), Pushpa

Your experience is enriching for all of us. Please keep sharing, as the more we get to know you, the more we will love you. Our lives can and do change when we dare take over change without fear of being unheard.

Never mind the lack of money, as resources will flow into your life immensely once you realize that God takes care of all His little animals. I am one of His little animals, and he kindly takes care of me every day!

Hugs from the beautiful valley of Tarija, where the sun shines 9 months a year and the wine is great ;))))



Jacqueline Patiño FundActiva Tarija - Bolivia South America

I am so excited that you value yourself as a world citizen. Once you see yourself as a person and not define yourself as certain words such as African, black, woman, etc... you start valuing people as the same as you. You are not divided by differences but are together because of common goals. Your vision is a beautiful one, in which I wish we all lived like you.