My vision is to see my country men adapting to the challenges they face globally. More especially women who are the pillars of homes. Women will impact their societies with the wisdom, and knowledge that God has given them so Batswana will be a society that pride in their achievements. Botswana will be a just and a caring nation, so the poor, poverty stricken women and the underprivileged will be recognized – so change will be acquired. Since now Batswana already have access to quality health facilities. It’s my desire to see every household reached to eradicate the monster HIV/AIDS which degrade our communities. I want to see a tolerant and moral nation so that there will be respect on human rights and no more abuse on children and women. However the most touching thing that sours my heart is the fact that alcohol drinking is so much. There are some poverty stricken mothers who needs needs to be educated, because education will be light unto their feet, educating them will enable them to live and accomplish their goals and duties as women. Sometimes people need to be told to change some things, up until they are told they will continue to live painful lives thinking that what they are doing is right. Yes our government is not seated but it is not enough as per how I still see numbers of infection still adding up at an alarming rate. So my quest for social change is more on these grounds. Women will be pillars of this upcoming change. They will bring movement to other Batswana raising up their voices .There shall be uplifting in people s lives. I want people to run to churches where they find God; there will be wailing women so that they cry to God to save our generations. I would want to say the reason why I want to be a correspondent it’s because I need to be taught, if am not taught then how am I going to mentor and help these women in my community, I need a sharpened mind, I need to be strategic I need to change ones live with a cunning mind. Basically I need education to support this ministry of women. To me education acts as a shield, I believe I would be in a position to face any upcoming matter to address and solve it. For instance I‘ve never attended any school on empowerment on women or any empowering institution. The suffering of women in my community made me to rise up to seek help in a way or the other so as I was perusing through the computer I searched for the word women Empowerment, so I hoped to find some educational materials that would help me to help my community. And so that my lessons will be strong and grounded and no one will dispute it. So I thank God for leading me to World Pulse, so when i was now a member of pulse wire I became so excited. I knew God has heard my cry. Seeing the outpouring of hearts of many people across the globe made me realize that there Is nothing impossible in this world. I therefore hope to impact my community with what I will learn from world pulse.We will move from one level to another.I believe with the help from world pulse I will overcome and achieve my long tarried vision.

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Hi Warona,

It is touching to see the title of your post. I quite like it. I gather that you have already begun on your efforts to bring education to women and unempowered parts of society...Good luck in all your efforts! Its nice to see that you highlight issues that effect us on a daily basis and I do hope, as you do, that education will bail us out of these vicious situations.



Hello there

Oh Manvitha thats exactly how i want things to be.You know in life if you are not educated you are just like a noisy gong more especially when you live with people who are stiff necked,who wil consider how far have you gone to school in order to accept your voice.You know as one of the women in Botswana i have seen and encountered a lot.I actually know how to deal with these people,i know them but if you just provide a mear speech you will be waisting your time.They will listen but never change their social behaviour.Can you imagine a woman in the morning first thing that comes into her head is to go beer drinking.She will go there till late not even considering that her children will soon be from school, so that she gives them lunch.But nothing of that sort you will never see it.These children will go back for study in the afternoons hungry as they came from school.

Hey my dear we eat,sleep but social ills are numerous.

With lots of appreciation gal, thank you


"success will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time " And when confronted conquer with love

Dear Warona

I enjoyed reading about your vision of the world and your life. I hope all you have hoped for and all you are looking forward to, comes true!

Sending you wishes!


Khushbu Agrawal

Hello over there!

Khushba how is everything ,hope you are fine gal,I just want to say THANK YOU FOR WISHING ME WELL,for it is still my cry even unto this day to see this change being impacted within my community.Well if God is on our side who can be against us.We will for sure overcome every obstacle by him and through him the lord Jesus christ.

Thank you my dear



"success will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time " And when confronted conquer with love