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Wealthy Sisters Network: Helping women all over the US build lives RICH in mind, body, and spirit. Contact us at www.wealthysistersnetwork.org to start a chapter in your area.
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In 2013 me and my business partner started a grassroots movement called Wealthy Sisters Network. To me a grassroots movement is something that is started from NOTHING. Because this organization teaches women to be wealthy in Mind, Body, and Spirit and to build generational wealth there were not many if any at all existing templates for our organization. Truly grassroots.


We learned quickly that women were STARVED for the type of education that allowed them to not only learn more about how to create wealth but to make the mindset shifts around supporting each other and how that related to their own abundance that is REQUIRED in order to build true wealth. Women were starved for tips on how to put themselves first while still balancing jobs and family. Or to at least carve out a piece of life for themselves, even IF everything else still came first.

One of the lessons we learned quickly was that not EVERYONE is cut out to be a leader. Initially we allowed geographical presidents based simply on interest but found some presidents who did not posess the leadership skills could not consistently execute the vision.

We are also still learning how to position the vision to others so that women everywhere see the importance of WORKING together to change the face of women in poverty.

I am looking to world pulse to help build partnerships internationally for International Day of Sisterhood 12/12/2015! I am looking to spread the word about that day as we gather world leaders to discuss economic empowerment for women in a virtual format with a call to action to ALL women in attendance to support other women owned business, community initiatives and health initiatives. We all have to do our part.

While I am new to World Pulse other online connections have served to expand the voice of women's economic internationally.  I look forward to hearing from MORE women who would like to champion this cause in their community.

Currently Wealthy Sisters Network has 30+ geographical chapters all over the US in addition to a national Senior Sisters Chapter, a national Teen Chapter, and a National Non-profit Chapter.  WSN is looking to expand in the United Kingdom and Australia. #eachone #teachone

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Thank you so much for sharing this great information about this great network. It sounds like this network is doing some great work to connect women through the global in order to come together and become community leaders and empower others. Thanks for sharing. 

Sincerely, Alyssa Rust 

Thanks for sharing this article. I love the idea of starting from nothing because that is what mostwomen have -nothing. I will spread the word about 12/12/2015. I would love to start a chapter here mobilising women to to be wealthy in mind, body, sprit and financially. Due to bankers greed and conservative govt's policies has increased the poverty of working class people and it is mothers who are queing up at food banks.  A dispiriting sight.  Thanks once again.

It is with great interest that I have read this post.

I serve in several volunteer capacities with World Pulse, and have closely connected with several women teaching entrepreneurial skills to women in opressive countries.

The problem they steadily face is obtaining funding, even to begin microloan programs.

I know that much the wealth in the USA is controlled by women, especially widows. I am looking for a way to attract women to invest in the women teaching entrpreneurship to others, using funds they are earning in their own full-time jobs.

I think outside investment is the only way to help these women grow their efforts.

Please contact me if you have interest in this.


Thank you very much for sharing this story.Words can not express my happiness. I am puthing up a project..Iam a Nigerian.I need somebody to mentor me.Based on my individual knowledge ,i think i'm not doing to well 

it's really fantastic what you do, I am Congolese and experience inspires me a lot tell me how did you start and with what means. Here in DRC lot of women are in the informal sector, how to make the formal motion. thank you and Courage

Marie Rose