Teaching woman carpentry skills
Teaching woman carpentry skills
  • Teaching Woman carpentry skills

                                  Women in woodworking field

           "Empowering women by teaching them art&craft carpentry skills"

I believe that if you teach a woman you have taught a nation .My mind never seemed to stop, as Egyptian business woman for more then 22 years and also as a mentor, I realized it wasn't all just about the achievement of my personal dreams,it was also playing an important role in teaching new skills to  empower others in my society.So ,In 2008, I started to think about taking on a role as a mentor to empower other women and to teach them new ' skills ', so I submitted a training program for women to teach sewing art & craft carpentry . 

Empowering women by teaching them carpentry skills is the best way of fighting against gender inequality and women's dependency . I think this training will give another chance to women who did not have a chance to go to school and will make their future brighter. They will be able to have a say and an impact in their society . I think this will be a proof that Middle Eastern women can do what men can do if given support .   

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What a wonderful initiative! Once women learn the secrets of working with wood, the sky is the limit in what they can create.


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