I read an interesting paragraph from Rob Brezsny this morning and want to share it with you because it got my attention and is making me step up to the plate and GET MOVING a little more than I otherwise would have today.

The quote:

"Goldfish that are confined in small aquariums stay small. Those that spend their lives in ponds get much bigger. What can we conclude from this? The size and growth rate of goldfish are directly related to their environment. I'de like to suggest that a similar principle will apply to us. I have made a committment to take maximum advantage of my potential over the next few months by putting myself in spacious situations that encourage me to expand. For an extra boost, I will surround myself with broad-minded, uninhibited people who have worked hard to heal their wounds."

For me, who works "hands on" and "hands off" with street orphans, vulnerable children and adult women in developing country Zambia, I am googling TODAY (something I have thought of doing but haven't yet) to get the namesof some African pockets of people or groups in Chicago where I live. That is it. One step each day. So, I am suggesting, that whatever turns you on, whatever fuels your engine that you make just one little concrete step. If we all took one little actual step today, we would ROCK THE WORLD !!!!! Haha.

Would love your comments.



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