Ring the bells that still can ring Forget the perfect offering There is a crack in everything That's how the light gets in Part of a poem/song by Lawrence Cohen's THE ANTHEM

This is a poem given to me by someone at a time when I was as low as I could be. I had no desire to get up in the morning, I did not want to put one foot in front of the other, in fact it was a huge effort and I did not want to even walk to the next room. BUT, I would force myself to walk into my home office, to the desk where I had this poem and read it. Sometimes I read it every hour to keep going and I would focus on the last sentence and see the crack of light in the darkness.

Sometimes I had to read it every 5 minutes. But ever so slowly I would be the crack. I would focus on the crack, the sliver of light I imagined. I focused. I would walk to the kitchen and wash a dish. I would wash my clothes. I would go to the store. And little by little the crack got larger and the light got more and brighter.

So, wherever you are in your life, I hope with all my might that this helps you with your pain and suffering, your hopes and possibilities.

Ubuntu (I am who I am because of who we are together),