Synchronicity is defined as the coming together of inner and outer events in a way that can't be explained by cause and effect and that is meaningful to the observer. It is not coincidence as we often think. It is the universe trying to get our attention to help us easily go up a different path.

May I share one with you? In July my Chinese neighbors were moving. They had a going away party, attended by about 80 people, all Chinese except for me and one Iranian man. During the party a woman named Shannon told me about her daughter the year before on her own at age 6 having a fundraiser lemonade stand for a charity. It was her idea. First of all, most people named Shannon in the US are females. My son is named Shannon(and never has forgiven me for that, all the teasing,e tc. Haha. I told him whatever doesn't kill him makes him stronger).

Then in August I went to Livingstone Zambia where I work with street orphans. My older street orphans have a project where they go down through the poorest of the poor one room huts and seal the roofs which have huge holes and during the rainy season they are up all night trying to hide in the corners. The torrential rains make the people suffer greatly.

My last day there, I decided to walk down through some of the compounds to greet the people who were very anxious to meet me and thank me. I came upon a hut. There are no doors on the huts. In the hut was a woman who looked very intelligent. She had 20 children 3-5 years old with her. I asked if they were hers. "No" she said "I have just started a registered pre-school and these are the pupils". She said she had nothing and she didn't except for a bad black board that said "Today is Monday" and handwritten ABC's across the wall and some colorings of elephants. It was very sad. She asked if I would pay to have her outside painted with a sign about the pre-school. I said I understood her desire but no, the little money I have goes to stop the suffering through the roof project. We have covered about 700 so far. 8 to 18 people per one room hut.

But I told her I was impressed that she had made something out of nothing and when I came back I would bring something. As soon as I left I went and bought 4-5 balls and brought them back so they at least had something to play with.

When I came back to America, Shannon the lady called and said 4 of the girls would like to have a fundraiser, a lemonade/drink stand to raise money for my new little kids. The year before they had made 71 USD.

We had the fundraiser Sunday. Taxis and many people stopped. They raised 181 USD for this one little pre-school. Yesterday I went and bought educational books, flash cards, a ring toss game, jump rope and chalk boards and many things. I leave later today for Zambia. The teacher does not know I am bringing this stuff for her.

But tell me what this is, if it is not synchronicity. Never planned it, didn't work hard to make it happen. Amazing.

A few months ago I needed money to go to Africa because I had closed my businesses so had no income on a regular basis. I emailed my street orphans to pray that somehow I get the money for the airfare. 2 weeks later my real estate agent said she knew a woman who would give me a free ticket if I would fly standby until there was an open seat. That is like getting the money. I emailed the kids with the news. They said it was a blessing. I said, keep praying now I need a hotel room. It all happened. Really.

A few months ago I sold my house. Then I moved in free to an apartment I usually rent but it was not rented. I could live free. But I want to move to another area. No one was buying the apartment. then my next door neighbor came and said he wanted to buy it. He just did. I won't make money on it but I break even and can move on.

One thing I have learned through life is that the Universe will always take care of you. Look for the signs and be grateful.

Synchronicity happens a lot. If you meet someone in the store and then you see her again down the street later go up to her. That is synchronicity and may mean there is something you are supposed to do together or at least to know each other.

Recently when I was getting on the plane to Africa the person at the gate told me I had been upgraded to First Class, a very expensive seat. There was NO reason for it and I will never know how it happened. It just did. the universe saying I deserve it.

Synchronicity can be bad too and we should pay attention. If you keep trying to do something and it is not happening over time, the answer is probably "No" or you are to use a different way to get there

I am basically lazy so I find paying attention to Synchronicity is the easy way to do what you are put on earth for.

I hope this helps.

Ubuntu (I am who I am because of who we are together),



Truly, the universe listens. Isn't that the purpose of praying, asking, expressing, sharing so that the universe will hear us? Who will and who knows when. It may have happened to me, too, when everything just fall into places without much effort. I didn't know that there's a name for that- synchronicity.

Continue the good things that you're doing and may you have a ready supply of tickets to Africa.

Hi Paulina,

Thanks for responding to my comment. Ah, yes, synchronicity. You are absolutely right in what you suspect. In fact, I am 65 years old, and I have to say that the times I made mistakes in choices, where things went wrong it was because I WASN"T listening to the universe. The universe is always talking to us, but I in the past didn't always listen. Yes, I think when things come easy or out of the blue it is the universe. When I have struggled and struggled to make something happen it was God's way of saying "No" but I wasn't listening. Very perceptive of you.

Thanks for your wishes and wishing me a ready supply of tickets to Africa. I would just like to paraphrase that a little differently if I may. "May I always have enough money to buy tickets to Africa". Haha

Have a good day and Ubuntu,


P.S.there are lots of good books on synchronicity. One of them is The Celestine Vision by James Redfield. Some of us call synchronicity "God winks".

Wendy Stebbins Founder/CEO I AM ONE IN A MILLION Non-Profit Organization focused on helping street orphans and vulnerable children in Livingstone, Zambia Africa.