Probably a person has many heroes as she grows up. My no.1 hero is my Mother Mary Nibizi Mother of five daughters ( not welcome to my society), and a son who dies at 11 (I think). She never gave up, she brought us up so well, passed away on the 1st of May 2005. I miss her so much I wish she had waited for me to bare babies and tell me how best to do it. Thank you mama you made me what I am today.

Hero no.2 is my aunt Miriam MUTANGA. She is a very strong woman who loved me and took care of me. Most of my life, I spent it at my aunt Miriam's house. I never at one time felt as If I wasn't her Child.Writing it down feels awkward because I am her daughter, and I will always be. My husband calls himself her first son in law....this shows you the relationship between us. Aunt, your my hero. I love you very much that today I had to put you on the world map.

Hero no.3 Women who took part in the liberation of Rwanda. You are so GREAT.I recognized you all. Thank you for standing by your brothers in the struggle. Love you.

Take action! This post was submitted in response to International Women's Day 2011: A Call for Heroes.