A friend wrote this about her vision of God in her journal: "He wants to brood over the chaos as a mother over her chicks."

It so saddens me that we continue to see manifestation of God in motherhood, but refuse to call God anything other than "He." I understand why this was in the early days of having people follow a patriarch, but we should be long-past that prejudice against mother-leaders now.

Godliness will always be spoken of in personal manifestations of power. I know of no greater manifestation of power on earth than a responsible mother whose babies are threatened. This is not to diminish the godliness of father-leaders, but we must stop swinging the pendulum back and forth. All the earth is losing in this competition between genders, nationalities, and birth-rites. Cooperation should be the earth's only consideration if we want to save our species, which is the human animal.

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Your idea of cooperation between genders is excellent. True change in the world is only possible when change starts here

Becky Frary

I find that we must see relationships as learning experiences, where we are both teacher and student to each other. Sadly, many families of origin and old friends interfere in this process, rather than supporting it.