I wonder what it's like to feel so powerful that your prayer influences the actions of God. It seems to me that only our earthly actions influence anything in universal eternity. So many say that we must fear God, at the same time as they say God is love. How can rational beings possibly believe both simultaneously about the same being? I have no fear of those who love me, though I have deep respect for alienation. I seek to understand those who love me, and attempt to expose my inner self to them.

Fear cancels love, growth, and faith; fear of a Father God is simply slavery. As the seeds of humanity are planted and nurtured, so grow the children of earth. While the feelings of full communication are awe-inspiring and sometimes overwhelming, The need to step back, process, and internalize them isn't a sign of rejection. I don't spend my life begging to be accepted by those in whose love I trust, But we are taught to beg for the favor of The Sacred Spirit that lives in all.

I simply don't understand how this promise, petition, and otherworldly gratitude works. Why send energy to a heavenly god that can be better utilized here on our own earth? I'd rather spend my life looking with love into another's eyes that on my knees in worship. It seems to me we'd be incapable of fear or hatred, if we saw our every action as a prayer. Baptism in water comes first in the womb; the The Sacred Spirit comes through shared love. Can we ever become fully human when deprived of the true foods of The Sacred Spirit?

Entering into each other gives our own bit of The Sacred Spirit true eternal life; It is in the ebb and flow of this sharing that we consecrate each other's lives. This begins with the birth of a baby opening eyes to pure parental devotion, And is carried forward to be shared with all the child encounters on the earth. How sad it is for those babies born into the eyes of hatred and fear, As their parents curse the very breath and blood in their small bodies.

The act of impregnation can be either an act of Sacred Energy and communion, Or it can be the planting of new seeds of loathing for The Sacred Spirit on earth. Will we ever stop hatred in humanity until we stop forcing women to breed? Can The Sacred Spirit be resuscitated in a soul so scarred by a curse at birth? Only those with open ears and eyes to love completely and fiercely Have a hope of overcoming the deficits of hope, and heal human society.

Hearing, seeing, feeding, holding, wiping away tears and calming fears; These are actions that infuse The Sacred Spirit into any animal on earth. When we persecute others, we pervert the power of The Sacred Spirit; No amount of prayers will rescue us from this hell of our own creation. Help heal the earth by seeing someone in pain, and looking the person in the eyes, Offering nothing but your open soul to absorb and transform pain to peace.

Even death won't frighten those who know their energy lives in another, Whether they absorbed another's heaven or hell while physically on earth. The cycle of The Sacred Spirit will eventually balance in eternity, If we each concentrate on actions of healing communion with the universe. Hold the hands of those who are fearful, allowing them the chance to speak; With eyes, ears and heart, assure that you carry forward The Sacred Spirit of their lives.


and they demonstrate the sincerity of our love. One kind action breeds more, in the giver, in the receiver and in those who might witness it. And I do believe the Divine One does hear our other prayers, too. Mostly the ones that are not voiced. The ones we hear repeated in church do seem pretty useless, and it's a shame that they teach them the way they do. Heads bowed, eyes closed, on our knees. What if we took a chance and threw our heads back to cry out a big thank you to the Creator for eery beautiful thing he has created? What if we just muttered I Love You to him once in a while, from the heart? What if we asked for something we really needed, like deliverance from a violent marriage, and actually received miraculous help in achieving that end...to find our life was saved, we were free from fear itself and that we made it all the way through to a renewed life?

I know someone who had that very experience. It transformed her faith from one that prayed ceaselessly for her marriage to be healed, for her husband to be changed and got no results, making her feel abandoned and helpless, to one that can rejoice in the love and care the Divine which was demonstrated through miracles and changes in her heart and in her life that set her free from everything that had imprisoned her. now she has turned around to help others who were trapped in the prisons of fear and violent relationships as she once was.

Perhaps some do feel a sense of personal power when they think God hears their prayers, and perhaps that is why they pray, but the perversions of faith evident in many doctrines are not an accurate reflection of the reality.

Nonetheless, you have brought up in the most beautiful of terms the other side of prayer that many never come to know, and that is the joy of living out the love we feel within and refusing to participate in the destruction we see around us. I read a book called God's Transmitters once that put forth a radical understanding of prayer, not as ever making a request of the divine, but of transmitting the divine will to others. Seeking the will of the divine and relentlessly broadcasting it through the spirit to those around us while keeping our hands off any expectation of the outcome. It is not hard to know the will of God. The Creator's desire is that we live beautiful, rewarding lives filled with joy, love and goodness, that we care for one another just as you have said, that we respect the earth and our fellow living beings, that we encourage and strengthen the things that struggle in the face of destruction. That we not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good. That, like birds that still sing and the flowers that still bloom though they feel more acutely than we the changes in our planet that threaten their survival, we believe in life and are determined to live it and are grateful for it and will not stop rejoicing in it. With an active mental life that is focused on these simple yet life-affirming principles, we join our energy with the creative and sustaining energy of the Divine in a manner that does have power - not personal power, but transforming, life-giving power that exists for the benefit of everything around us. When we follow through with our spoken words and actions, we become part of the answer to our own prayer, and the prayer is magnified by the Creator's approval when we do not stop with intent but continue with active participation. These actions can seem so small, but they are powerful. Wiping the tears from anothers eyes with compassion, a friendly smile to a stranger, being willing and available to help a stranger, listening, being patient...they're all much bigger than they seem. Maybe this tells us that it is the prayer of the Divine that we align ourselves with the creative flow and become the answer to the needs we see around us.

Thank you for your profound and thought-provoking insights!

"With an active mental life that is focused on these simple yet life-affirming principles, we join our energy with the creative and sustaining energy of the Divine in a manner that does have power - not personal power, but transforming, life-giving power that exists for the benefit of everything around us.'

I am not sure it is an active mental life, but an active openness to the empowerment of The Sacred Spirit around which our physical selves are formed in order to be prayers (blessings) in action.


Yes, that is a better way of saying, it. I agree, and yet perhaps it is both.

I still include the mental life because it is such a reflection of the active openness to the Sacred Spirit within and often dictates how open we are at any given moment. We have been given an intellect, a gift which requires us to think things through in order to honor the intent of the Giver. "The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak." Our ability to use and control our brains has much to do with our ability to exercise our will. The Sacred Spirit is respectful of the liberty of will it has granted us and will not override our conscious decisions; yet those decisions can be affected by the information we have and how we process it. Mental discipline is a practice every spiritual path teaches, partly for these reasons. Thus it's just not ANY active mental life, but a mental life focused on life-affirming principles that are in harmony with the will of the Sacred One, as opposed to a passive mentality that simply parrots what it has been taught without any true personal conviction and therefore no real motivation to follow through with compassionate actions.

Ultimately it is the decision to make love the motive for every word and action, and a commitment to respond to the needs that love makes evident and not to disregard them, which bring the mind, the spirit and the actions of the body into harmony with each other, enabling us to work in cooperation with the objectives of Divine Oneness.

This is not to say that an exceptional intellect is required. I have known many a person with this or that cognitive disability who was more in tune with the Divine than most "able-minded" individuals, only to say that if we are truly open to the Sacred Spirit then our mental life, our conscious decisions and therefore our actions will operate harmoniously and with integrity.

Love will always be the governing principle that determines whether or not one's actions set goodness and not destruction into motion.

Thank you so much for your comments, Hannah.

The terms "mental," "love," and "god" have been so perverted that I believe we must find new ways to state what we mean when we speak or write.

I am married to a neurologist and have obtained many insights into possible scientific explanations for much of what religions have attempted to quantify and qualify as "free will" with their own dogmas. I also have many professional (award winning) educators as friends; they have illuminated for me the difference in our old ways of memorization as education and teaching the process of thinking.

I no longer freely use the word "love" to describe the ideal attitude of life forms on earth; I prefer the term "responsible compassion.' I also prefer the term "Sacred Spirit" to any of the terms that I feel were perverted by the Roman Catholic religion, carried on by what is referred to as "Christianity."

Let us continue in our dialog from the depths of our own experience.

Blessings to you. Yvette


I would be very interested to hear more about what you have learned from your husband and friends. Terminology and semantics always present interesting dilemmas, don't they? Use familiar ones with the thought that people can more easily relate and you can still have profound misunderstandings with some people. Use more accurate ones and others don't know what you are talking about! God is a particularly sticky one, as it tends to place the Sacred Spirit in the same class as idols. At our house we prefer Creator or sometimes Divine Oneness (an Australian aborigine way of referring to the Sacred Spirit) when speaking generically. Chala, the elder of the aborigine tribe into which we were informally adopted by his widow always said Jesus, and he was a truly righteous man for whom people of many different races came from across the country and around the world to pay their respects when he died, and all had testimonies of how their encounters with him changed their lives, answered lifelong questions and more. His sister, a Christian of the classic missionary-taught, bible thumping, church-going type, told him till the day he died that he needed to repent and it was only afterward that she accepted that he had known the Sacred Spirit all along. I personally appreciate that we can call the Creator by name, but that too can alienate some people. Isn't it all so interesting? I do try to communicate only those things I have experienced myself, or that those close to me have experienced. Some of these experiences defy words and explanations and accounts because the part that was most powerful and life-changing evades description, though the reality was undeniable. I am so intrigued by the thoughts you write, the depth of your sincerity and earnestness, and hope to share more. I just hope I can do so in acceptable terms! Thank you for outlining what those are...I like the term responsible compassion. If I were to boil it down for myself I would probably say responsive compassion. But what has been called love really transcends all words in its true form, as does the presence and nature of the Creator, because they are one and the same. As much as those who first wrote down the dreams and visions and personal encounters that they experienced and people are still trying to decipher and explain today, we're just doing the best we can to communicate our hearts and our experiences with the words we have and hoping that the genuineness of our experience bridges the gap that language leaves open.

Blessings to you, dear Yvette, Hannah

Dearest Hannah, "As much as those who first wrote down the dreams and visions and personal encounters that they experienced and people are still trying to decipher and explain today, we're just doing the best we can to communicate our hearts and our experiences with the words we have and hoping that the genuineness of our experience bridges the gap that language leaves open." This says it all, doesn't it?

I have written years worth of reading about my husbands (3), families, and friends. Much of this is included in my two blogs. "Tennessee Mountain Home" (TnMtnHome.blogspot.com) shares the journey of my life in Appalachia. "One Family, Many Faiths" (OneFamilyManyFaiths.blogspot.com specifically addresses my spiritual journey since returning to my home state of Louisiana. I have published some of these entries in book forms: "Our Tennessee Mountain Home," "Our Tennessee Mountain Home II" and "We're Already Eternal."

I am often in trouble for including in my narrative the stories of those close to me, as if they don't belong to me once shared with me. Much of my journey through life has been censored by my friends and family. The specter of lawsuits is a form of censorship. My husband refuses to read what I write, so as not to risk being embarrassed by it. I still have much to say, but only feel safe sharing much of it in poetry or in one-on-one verbal conversations. I don't think I can be hung for hearsay.

I belonged, many years ago, to a writers' group. The general feeling was that my writing was "dense." In attempting to condense what I have to say into communication that can transpire within an allotted time frame, I suspect that I over-think how to say things. Please feel free to ask me specific questions and to ask for clarification. I am not a highly educated person, and I did bring up two children, so I do know how to break down what I think into many forms of expression.

I am very interested in learning more about Australia and the Aborigines. I am fascinated by your story about the woman who believed the man speaking of Jesus was damned for eternity. My mother lived and died believing that most of her children were eternally damned because we weren't practicing Roman Catholics. I am so sick of magic words, rituals, and talisman religions.

I am actually sick, to the wish for death, of careless and rote words. They seem to be the greatest curse that is available to homo sapiens. I have come to the point where the only words I want are those that are written, as i assume that people have to stop and think about what they are about to say if they have to spell each word well enough to be understood.

Blessings to you, my new friend. Yvette