Yvette and Richard by Chermaine
  • Yvette and Richard by Chermaine

I am a strong warrior woman. I fight for justice wherever I encounter injustice, especially when children are involved. My greatest weapon is my mere presence and my clear and concise words. This strength has caused me to be ostracized by many women and men.

Everything about me is big and bold, which is an invitation to many to bully me directly or through attacking those I shelter. It matters not how strong a women is, she can't fight with both arms holding babies. How can she put the babies down without risking them being trampled, unless there is someone equally strong to hold the babies for her or to fight in front of her to protect her and the children?

My husband is not the biological father of my children, but he is my hero. He has rescued me from the agony of knowing that I simply didn't have enough hands to save all the children without someone to support me. He grew up as the son of a poultry breeder, learning the rules of good animal husbandry. He often talks about how happy, protected mothers produce strong, healthy progeny. His mission since meeting me and my children has been to protect them through protecting me.

There is a song called "The Wedding Song," of which I am very fond. My favorite lyrics are "Woman draws her life from man and gives it back again.And there is love." My mission since meeting my "knight in shining armor" has been to make sure that I honor the life he gives me by seeking ways to give it back, not only to my own biological family, but to my global family. I am honored to be able to contribute some of the synergy we create to the World Pulse family.

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I join you to celebrate your God given rare breed of a husband, companion, friend, hero and much more. The picture speaks volumes!!! Please do let him know that Greengirl says more Grace and strength to him, and you too!


He is a rare one of the breed called Homo sapiens. Thanks for the comment. I'll pass it on to him. (P.S. He is my third try at marriage.) I got it right this time because I asked myself what I wanted in a girlfriend partnership before I met him. When he exceeded the list, I told him I was interested in marrying him.