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Yesterday, I assisted to a special event organized by Canada World Youth. The event featured youth from Canada and Ghana together as they showcase music, dance and literature from Ghana.

For more info about the event, please see http://lacasitadedoris.wordpress.com/2014/12/07/uproot/

It was so motivating to see such collaboration and friendship, they were no boundary between them. They were simply one unified group, no matter the colour of the skin, nor the culture. It gives hope that the future can be bright if we have so many young people involved into making the world a better one. It was truly inspirational seeing them all together.


I really enjoyed your blog piece on the UpRoot Culture Show. It sounds like it was a great event and offered a great opportunity for exchange and fellowship for all present! As you said you are in the international development field, I am currently studying international development. An event like this is such a proactive approach to embracing cultural diversity and breaking down any barriers, which is very much needed in this world and field.

Wishing you all the best!

Heather Ley

Thanks for sharing about this wonderful event. I think movement (dance) is such a wonderful way to connect across culture & borders. I also enjoyed reading your blog. And I look forward to hearing more.

Many blessings, Carrie

Hi Carrie,

Thank you so much for reading and for your lovely comment! I will try my best to bring up more of those stories. It is truly one of the most motivating things to see that young people are getting involved in such an amazing way, to bridge the gaps and to bring people together.

The co ordination and collaboration of minds is always essential while connecting two cultures or two minds. Such events shall always help in creating a platform for the idea of universal unity throughtout. Thanks for sharing Soumya

Best wishes,


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Hi Soumya,

Thank you for reading! I agree 100% with you. It was very inspirational that those youth went the extra mile to build a bridge between them.

Thank you for sharing your impressions and experiences about this event! It sounds like a wonderful collaboration. Art as a medium of experession to connect us is truly powerful - and inspiring to hear so many youth involved!

Warmly, Megan

Megan Keav