Presents and wishes for holiday cheer

Envelop our hearts at this time each year

And people reach out to strangers and friends

Compassion is viewed as today's selfless trend

Everyone feels it, religious or not

One heart, one love...that's the view we forgot

Nations, religions divide us it seems

Everyone's focused on dreaming their dreams

And as we move forward, let's pledge to let lie

Racism, bigotry, greed.....please, let's try

To put it behind us and walk towards the light

Hearts joined together, peace on earth every night.

Happy Holidays and best wishes for a peaceful, healthy and joyous New Year!


Thank you for the expressing the desired dream I dream with you and do what needs done. Time to reflect and move on with passion To reach for peace on earth is the dream

I put my heart in the desired dream. I reach out to seek the wisdom Time for action and believing peace is possible To reach for peace on earth with love

2011 brings hope for the desired dream I return well wishes to the stranger I met Time to spread the love and hope To reach for peace on earth as the only choice

Hello Ymani, I was moved to write above as you have touched me with love. I wish you all the best for the Year 2011 and beyond. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

With Love Amei

Get Inspired-Take action

Hello Amei and thank you for your response! May this new year give deeper understandings for our common ground as human family. All the best to you and yours!

In peace, Ymani

I hope you are well, Nusrat. I am working on a youth (12-15 years) penpal program between the US and Kashmir. Is that something you would like to be involved in? Or might you know of teachers who would be interested?

In peace, Ymani

I would love to. I will also see if others might be interested. But before that I want to know more about the programme.

Are only teachers eligible. what kind of interaction is needed I mean the mode. Will emails do.

I wanna know more.


With best wishes,

Nusrat Ara 


The program is being created now. I got the idea and took it to a friend locally who is a teacher. We will be meeting when she returns from winter break to discuss how this would work. Personally, I can see many different things to be done. Correspondence could be a good place to begin, whether by email, 'snail' mail or skype. Then individual projects could be initiated by the youth themselves.

Peace and love, Ymani

Keep me posted. You forgot to post in reply that way I would have received a notification. When I didn't receive ur reply I decided to check the post.


With best wishes,

Nusrat Ara