Four years ago I watched a TV program about the situation of women in Ethiopia. Teenager girls are forced to get married, to be someone’s second, third, forth wife, to have babies and to deliver them without enough facility. They need three or more days to do it and surely the baby born is dead already. Their bladder is malfunctioned on the process, their husbands left them and return them back to their family where they are not welcomed anymore. They live in isolation and darkness. What I saw really shocked me, made me feel blessed with all I have, and made me wondering what I could do for others. I also realized other thing, the power of media, which enable me to see other part of the world, thousands miles away, with my body going nowhere. Many people of my country still amazed by the fact that Obama was elected for US President, especially those who understand the world of minority. He changed history. He is, as well, the prove of the “miracle” of the internet. By using interactive Web 2.0 tools, Mr. Obama’s campaign changed the way politicians organize supporters, advertise to voters, defend against attacks and communicate with constituents. “Were it not for the Internet, Barack Obama would not be president or have been the nominee,” said Arianna Huffington, editor in chief of The Huffington Post. Finding my self in web 2.0 is really exites me because I can see the awesome opportunity proposed to me, to overcome “the imposibility”. I can see my self at last overcome geographical, social, and economic boundaries to empower my self, to contribute and join with women across the world. It is beyond my imagination, my life changed by a simple click. This media in my hand, the web 2.0, will be a strong platform to communicate one another, to share ideas and informations, to solve problems, to learn from other’s experience, to build friendship and networking, to exchange across many sites. With this media, I do not have to have particular degree diploma nor reference letters to speak for my self in global forum about women and women’s world. My perspective as individu is respected even if I am not an expert nor professor. I just have to be my self.


when i get connected with many other women in the world, i felt that there's many other women like me outside. have the same feeling, wanting the equality, facing the same problem and everything.

so...that is why i never give up, trying to make a change, for women, for all my sister



It was such a great treat to read your assignment for Week 1. You have a very personal way of writing...I felt that I could hear your voice from around the world.

I enjoyed how you wove together the strands of your personal experience, the voices of other journalists, and your own vision for the future. What you say is so true-- everyone can speak for themselves through Web 2.0, you don't need a degree or a high-paying job. It is very exciting, and I'm glad that we can join together on PulseWire to create a brighter future!

As you keep writing for the Voices of Our Future program, I hope that you keep expressing yourself and sharing your vision for a better world. This is so look forward with a clear idea of the world we want to see. I would love to hear more specifics from you, about the ideas you have to use Web 2.0 in your community on the ground. I look forward to creating a beautiful feature with you and the rest of the PulseWire community. Thank you for your hard work!


Scott Beck

Dear Scott,

You don't have any idea of how I feel as I read your comment. Knowing that you can hear my little voice means so much to me. I appreciate it. Yet, I do not know where you are in this wide world. Yes, I can see ourselves join hands, sharing our thoughts for a better world. Together, we can. I have so much in mind, but sometimes do not know how to express it in better English. Now you know what I mean by ... you, can hear my little voice? It feels great to know someone got your point of view, understands you.


Hi Yudith,

I also really enjoyed reading your assignment for week one. Your sincerity and enthusiasm come through very well - as long as you are true to your voice and speak sincerely, that will come through in your writing, and language is no barrier. I like how you used different examples from around the world and how web 2.0 was used successfully to empower people. Like Scott, I am looking forward to more of your writing and would love to hear more details about how web 2.0 could be used in your community, and also how it could be used to help empower and connect women globally - such as the women in Ethiopia.

Keep up the good work!


Dear Tara, I can not thank you enough for the support you gave me. It means a lot to me and give me courage to move on. Yes, I agree with you, language is not a barrier. What I need to erase is the doubt in me that have always pulled me back. I realized now that we are already join hands. Thank you.