When I was younger, I realized that some women in my family suffered from men’s lack of respect. These women worked hard, but never appreciated. They did not have the power to make decisions, even just to bargain. When they tried to do something about it, their husbands (in the name of religion and tradition) reminded them of what a good woman should be. As I grew up, I could see more and more lack of respect for women in my surroundings. I saw many women who have potential, strong ability and spirit, slowly but surely loose their courage or willing to show who they really are. They are tamed by the “truth” of believing that men are leaders and women should obey. It is such a great pressure. We, as women, are framed to be the type of good women like they told us. We can not be ourselves, otherwise we will be considered as shellfish, ambitious, or cheap. I saw men, considered as a savior, can do something really bad, like a traitor. Living in a box where everything is organized paralyzed us and make us terrified of living outside, by our own. I have no idea where our voice disappeared. In my effort to find my self, I joined with a religion-based organization. This organization was so strict and after a long time trying to understand their dogma, I could not lie to my self. I resigned with a consciousness that even a verse (considered as the words of God) can go wrong by false interpretation. Men’s interpretation actually. They tried to lock me in a wider, but darker box. This was my awakening. Since then, I read books about the power of women, that there are many different faces of women, and it is OK to have my own version or vision. I have learned the most important thing in my life. Even a verse of sacred text can be bended, but I could never go wrong by following my heart. I believe in that. Learning about World Pulse, I feel like finding a bright way, the right direction to follow my heart, side by side with my best friends, women across the world. Thousands of women live in conflict area, restricted by the law, do not have possibility to live life in a better way, or can not have a dream .…Together we can heal our sisters and by doing it, we can heal ourselves. I am looking forward to find the way I could be useful for others and my life would mean something. I understand now that hoping is praying, and the whole universe is listening to our pray. We already have the media in our hands. And if there are barriers or defeats in our journey to get to better world, always remember that a ball needs to bump and bounce to reach higher space.


Yudith, I have read your 2nd week assignment, and I loved your introduction! It showed how important Pulsewire is, giving women a place to speak out. I would of also like to have read why you applied for the VOF contest. I look forward t reading more of your assignments. thank you, Alison

Thanks for reading. I am searching for my place in this world and looking forward to be useful in my community. I am always looking to find out how. Hopefully, I can share inspirations and solutions from my sisters here. Thank you for your support