About Me: HI!

I believe people are the greatest resource of any country, and as such should be properly invested in at their level. My involvement with community service organisations (all voluntary and focus on two key issues EDUCATION and HEALTH), began in 2003 with the Lions Club, then from 2006 onwards, with 2 separate student organisations at the University of Papua New Guinea (PNG): the UPNG Peer Educators & The Voice Inc. I’m also involved with The Rotary Club, PNG Youth Alliance on HIV/AIDS (PNG YAHA), and a new initiative with the PNG Health Department and UNFPA to establish youth & adolescent friendly health centres in PNG. In addition, I'm a current (2010-2013) Action Partner for PNG with the Oxfam International Youth Partnerships (OIYP) program, and am the PNG delegate to the 2011 One Young World international youth summit in Zurich come September. With my anthropology and sociology background, a passion for environmental issues (the land is VERY important to Papua New Guineans), cultures (and indigenous issues), I hope to contribute effectively and sustainably to my people and the world. ps. I love music (the arts in general) and think football/soccer is the world's greatest sports:)

My Passions: Papua New Guinea (my country), my world, and my God

My Challenges: People; unstable socio-economic circumstances

My Vision for the Future: A just and free world, in which each person (regardless of background) is empowered with self-purpose

My Areas of Expertise: Health (specifically sexual and reproductive health), education, and community mobilisation



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