NO ONE IS BORN, hating another person on the basis of skin color, his background or his religion, or the hate for any country. People must learn to HATE, if they learn to hate. They can be taught to LOVE. Love comes more naturally to the human heart than the opposite.

Just after a few minutes of birth, its not us who decides for ourselves its the society. We keep defeating and obeying our whole life fighting for what we haven't been given any right to decide for. Well, if we say it for the nationality. The country we live in, we are taught to love "our" country. We are never taught to love the other countries who are far off. We are never taught to "LOVE THE WORLD".

What can we do to promote the World Peace ? GO HOME & LOVE YOUR FAMILY. Peace starts with ourselves, if we teach our kids and keep peace in home, and mentally stable. This is what that is led to the outer world. Likewise, one person is in a good mood the other isn't. You come being excited to share your happiness to that person. Automatically, seeing a sad or crying face, the anxiety level sinks. Peace begins with the smile. Everyone is in the race of superiority. World is busy to be best in technology, army force, economic empowerment, social status. But no one looked for the people who are dying with hunger, who are working endlessly for thier families starving for food and clothes, the one's suffering from chronic diseases but can't afford to a better treatment, the one's being a victim of barbarians act and died without justice.

How can we expect from a person, who is shaking hands with other countries but doesn't know how to manage his own.

We must see that peace represents a sweeter music, a cosmic melody that is far superior to the discords of war. People are busy blaming one or the opposite, bombing and firing. What about the one's who are doing to the people who resides in the same country. Is it something being lesser than a terrorist ? A terrorist is said to a person, for mass killing. Likewise, a mass of people who protest for justice or anything. Rather than hearing people or keeping in consideration thier view points and expression. They have been fired, beaten up badly, killed. We elected the person to be at a power to led the country. But has no power to control the feelings or to make us be the way he/she wants. They can't make us to hate the other country or countrymen.

Its like a naughty students make the noise and the teacher punishes the whole class. The same way, some flithy or fickle minded people commit actions and the whole country or the community has to bear it all.

It is rather better to have PEACE ON EARTH than to have PIECES OF EARTH.


This post was submitted in response to The Opposite of Violence.


Truely said. Once we do not have love and respect for others there is bond disorder and when there is disorder there is war. When there is war there is no peace. So for us to have peace we need to love and respect each and everyone.

Gwei Mainsah Gilbert freelances Communication

Dear Gwei,

Thanks for reading and appreciating. Peace begins with ourselves and further it spreads the outer world. Our mood and behaviour is responsible for what kind of treatment we get in return from the people.



Zainab shahria

Great post, Zainab! Thank you for calling attention to the fact that peace and compassion starts with us, at home. It sure is so much easier to point fingers at others and tell them they must love everyone. Taking responsibility for our own footprint in this world is crucial in order to make any change. 

Thank you and take care!