My colleague, Chinese teacher, brought first challenge to me and introduced me in 2007. She wanted to set up an English class in her house with her friend so she persuaded my students to follow her and stuck the advertisement on the wall of class without permission. I discussed not only her but our leader too .Yet, in vain and I decided to establish my own class called PIONEER.I really thank her; I have got my own class because of her. If not, my career will end under control of someone. Right now my future is in my hand. After three years, a man who had tried to attack me in precious class (not my friend's one) incited and persuaded my outstanding senior students to join him by giving invisible hope. He forced them to build a new class in my area. I reminded my students not to accompany with him. But they against me every time.Therefore I set them free to stand up themselves. They used my name and persuaded the students that they were the same as my class. In mean while, I changed all my courses and teaching style to be more active than before. The students who are studious just stayed in my class and some superficial ones followed them. I kept on standing tall myself by cultivating some more students. Unfortunately, their team broke up because the students saw his actual wicked face and stopped their class. There is no gardener who wants to see his flowers on the floor, so do I. But that event polished my abilities and my class to be more well-known not my community but theirs as well. The main barriers I am trying to break down are being less of profit and getting more skills to be an international level .To break down profit barrier ,I need a well paid job after my university .When I have got enough profit ,I can extend my field. While I am approaching to my way, I will carry on my class without fail. I will fill up some necessary skills. Another barrier is I can't give much time for my students because of my university. To solve this I need a time. Currently, I got a chance to know about hidden stories in the world by Pulse Wire. I can open my students' eyes by telling the examples and point out to save their community. I can also introduce the funding website to the elderly shelter. I have a chance to meet some universities students to share our experience widely. Moreover my isolated world becomes alive by pen friends. Let alone future, even now I have got much benefit by joining Pulse Wire. To sum up, the challenges like the battles which have a victory for a well-trained warrior and the barriers like as high thick wall which keeps beautiful scene behind it are testing the people how strong they are. Those are polishing a person's abilities to shine more and the steps to splendid victory.

Take action! This post was submitted in response to Voices of Our Future Application: Challenges and Solutions to Creating Change.


Good day my friends !

Let me request you all to read my journal and please post me the comments freely .

I am looking forward to reading yours!

Best wishes, Zin Zar

Dear Zin Zar

"no gardener who wants to see his flowers on the floor" - what a beautiful line this is!!! I loved this and your story. You are a woman of strong will and a very noble cause to help your community. Yes, language skill is a much needed weapon for societies like yours (and mine too) to fight unemployment and other evils.

Please don't stop just because your rivals and please keep moving ahead. Best of luck!

Stella Paul Twitter: @stellasglobe

Hi Friend ! Your comment help me a lot! You know, I didn't know that the vital role of language before I became a language teacher but I see now so that I always urge my students try hard .Thanks a lot !

Good Luck! Zin Zar

Dear Zin Zar,

The imagery in your piece is beautiful! As is your ability to adapt to the challenges you have faced as a teacher.

It's great how you talk about using stories you learn about on World Pulse to teach your students, and then perhaps someday they can use World Pulse themselves, to tell their own stories.

I hope to read more of your writing!



resolved this year to think twice and to smile twice before doing anything

Thanks , Kati!

Yes , I will keep on writing from next week because during these days I am sinking in my job .Let's share our stories more and let's listen the hidden words from the wold.

Hi Zin Zar,

I really enjoyed reading about how you were able to stand even in the face of other teachers and students that didn't appreciate the way you opened up your teaching. By showing them, they were free to make their own decisions, just as you would about maintaining your class, you demonstrated valuable leadership. Keep up the good work, and I'm excited for all of the resources you will find here at World Pulse!


Really thank you, Alicia! Yes! I will keep on working for my community .That event supported me to be mature again so that I thank them. With Regard, Zin Zar

You are absolutely right ,Alicia ! VOF gave me much knowledge and friends and this VOF is a great resource for me because it has been teaching a lot of lessons which I could not find in books.Though I lost a chance in thirty women selection,I don't give up .I will keep on writing the voice I 'd to say.

Bye Friend! Zin Zar

You are absolutely right ,Alicia ! VOF gave me much knowledge and friends and this VOF is a great resource for me because it has been teaching a lot of lessons which I could not find in books.Though I lost a chance in thirty women selection,I don't give up .I will keep on writing the voice I 'd to say.

Bye Friend! Zin Zar

Dear Zin Zar,

Well written, and very inspiring. It sounds like you have many struggles you yourself are facing, but I admire your determination not to give up your English classes! I think in the future, it may have been good to talk more about the man taking away your students so readers understand why he is the "bad guy" in the story, because I got a little lost there. Other then that, good job!

Thanks much, look forward to hearing more about the English classes! Dina

"If you do not have the power to overthrow the rule of oppression, inform others of the oppression". -Persian proverb

Thank you so much about your advice and comments , friend .I know who he is and he knows who I am because we all are at the same field .Yet I have more important responsibility to promote my community than telling about a man who is making me fall down.I have some feeling concern with his work , but leave it . Sorry ,friend ! We just need to know that he is bad and I should not spend my valuable time for that silly guy ,I think .I have better post my journal to change my community in stead of his . Thank you so much ,friend !

Let me hear your stories as well . Best Wishes! Zin Zar