Hello, my name is Zeineb Amri i'm 22 years old and i'm from Tunisia ( North Africa) .

Next week i will return to college to start my master degree program in finance wich  will last two years then i will do my best to get a scholarship to continue my PhD abroad  maybe in UK, Canada  or in any country that provides good education because in my country , although tuitions rate is very high 99,3 % , the educational system has some serious problems the programs are not up to date it take years for the minister of education to do some changes , it is also based on how much information the sudents can remember not their ability of analyzind and criticising. Innadition, there is a big uncomformity between what the college gives and what the employers want . we are also having  a difficult economic situation so unemployement is increasing every day creating other social and psycological problems among young people . We are a youg nation 45% of the population are between 25 and 54 years old . it's really depressing to see people who have struggled to go to college and study 3 to 5 years to get their degrees then they end up with no job no hope and nothing , all their dreams and plans has vanished . So it's so important to reform the programs and to educate entrepreneurship in an early age ..

Despite all the problems i still have hope and hope in the young people of Tunisia . Young men and women is all what we have to change the situation and to rise up our country.

When i discovered world pulse on facebook i said to my self that this is a great opportunity for me to stand for women all over the world to encourage them an to be supprted and encouraged by them . So i joined this great community and so far the journey has been so rewarding for me ; i can connect with women from different places and cultures .. And every time i read a story i learn something new either it is a situation that i didn't know about or an idea that inspires me to get more involved in my community as many women did in theirs . and what makes world pulse even more intresting are the trainings ; i'm having  the digital empowerment training wich is a great opportunity for me to develop my knowledge in communication via internet and the other tools . actually i think that to become a leader a woman must have a variety of skills : communication, speaking in public , analyzing and finding solutions..  





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Hi zizou,

I'm so glad that a young woman like you,know the value of education.I really inspire by your passion to continue your study no matter how hard it is.Education can change the world.

Thank you for joining the world pulse.And I believe that a youth like you can change the Tunisia.More power to you and good luck to your school.







Stand up for what you believe in,even if you standing alone.


Welcome to the community! Your story of college education in your country is one that I found very interesting in personal, as I am working on getting a Masters in Higher Education. It can be very frustrating to work so hard for a degree then immediately struggle to find employment, and is something young people in my country also face to a lesser extreme. I agree, change to the system is important and much needed.

I look forward to reading more of your experiences and outlooks!





I admire your educational goals. They have the capacity to make a big difference in your community! I have just recently completed my Ph.D., and it is not always easy to find a job. But, part of the task of the Ph.D. is to envision new fields, new opportunities and create new visions, which it seems like you are beginning to do. I hope that you will get some opportunities to begin student teaching while you are in school, as those chances help you develop the skills you desire: commnuication, public speaking and analysis! 

Good luck on your educational journey!


Leslie Stoupas

Dear Zizou,

I'm so glad to hear about you and your perspective on the educational system in Tunisia. It's way too common for education to focus on facts, not thinking. And it's also too common that what you learn in school doesn't translate into good paying jobs. It's not that common for young people to try to do something about this - and it seems like you are ready to take some action. Learning how others address this is a great first step - especially to spark your ideas about how to make things different.


Entrepreneurship in your future? There are likely many directions to go. I wish you success in finding the path that gives you energy and success!