Today it was cold I wore my black power suit and heels It has sharp cuts, wide shoulder pads and a stiff rigidity Long day today Tired feet

I walk down the dark and empty sidewalk. Hey sexy, he shouts Adrenaline pumps through my veins Vulnerability rises up in my throat Fear grips my breathe Visions of violations race through my head The stomp of my heels accelerates I fortify my grip around my keys I look back I think I’m safe

Tomorrow they predict sunshine I think I will wear my white sundress and sandals It is so free flowing and comfortable Anticipation for tomorrow Restless sleep


The image of an 'armor' suggests always-wartime. for women, even in a normal, peaceful setting one must always be in a defensive 'warrior'-mode alertness as sexual harassment is always a possibility, danger always in the atmosphere. Be safe and cool, Zoe, in your sundress today. :)

Blessings, libudsuroy

''Every Day is a Journey and the Journey itself is Home.'' (Matsuo Basho)

Yes! never hold back. "We will not change, in fear of they charging us. " We will continue to be happy, free and liberated.

Beautiful words Zoe. Thank you for sharing.


Mukut Ray

Zoe, after reading your poem I felt so much more empowered and excited for tomorrow as your words filled me with anticipation and hope.

Your prediction for sunshine represents so much for us as advocates and visionaries! So thank you for sharing such emotionally charged words with us. Your poem is truly one to remember when I'm feeling down and I need a "pick-me-up"!

Thank you once again!

Much love & respect xoxoxo

Zoe, I felt the grip on your keys as I've done that too while walking on a street. Those keys symbolise our knowing that we are strong. Thanks for sharing your poem.

Yes, I do believe that one day the threat that we feel in the day to day will be a thing of the past. Not that violent acts will cease but the commonality of it will lessen.

Zoe Piliafas

Voices of Our Future Community Manager World Pulse


Your poem is loaded with meaning for today's woman. From cold, darkness and fear, we are moving to our sunshine, to our light at the end of the tunnel. And we won't rest until we get there! I love your vivid descriptions of your black power suit:"... sharp cuts, wide shoulder pads and a stiff rigidity..." As I read through, I could picture the suit, the heels, the way you walked, etc

Did you study literature in high school? What else can I say? YOU ARE A GREAT POET!

Please write more. I will be so happy to read more from where this is coming. I will be back on this page to read the poem again...and again.


My pen speaks

Wow Zoe, your feet tired, but it could not stop you, so shall we not be stop in this advocate for a better world for mankind especially for women and the gild children.

Vulnerability, how many time have i heard it deep in my mind and registers in my brain? What do i do except to be brave even in the most difficult times and breathe out when it has passed.

wonderful piece Zoe, the light must keep shining

Our Lady of Perpetual Help Initiative

keep the light on

Hey, Zoe! I couldn't resist coming back for a second read and to post a comment! Your poem brings to mind what my girls describe during our school to school mentoring and I daresay its usually so scary that one can almost visualize the adrenaline

Phionah Musumba Founder/Executive Director Malkia Foundation & Centre for Disadvantaged Girls, Kenya P.O Box 9461 - 00300, Nairobi, Kenya Facebook: Phionah Musumba Twitter: @KenyaGals LinkedIn: Phionah Musumba Skype: phionah.anguzuzu.musumba

Oh! wow Zoe, wow! I just love how you simply tell our struggles as woman using simple words but focusing on what I sometimes miss when I write because I will be thinking that it is not relevant. You just keep inspiring me with your ability to be transparent yet original! Salute!

Keep your fire burning!

Visions of violations race through my head.... very well said! The gripping fear of this very violation has forced us women to gear us up with an armor. Yes! let us anticipate a tomorrow, free of this fear.

Enjoy your sundress :)

love bhavna

provokes the exact feeling of being in this situation...and tells the bitter truth in a sharp and direct way....thanks to you for putting it in such a good bunch of words. For the beautiful day of white sundress and scandals without any restlessness.... Cheers,