Yesterday 29th September, 2011, as from 5pm – 8pm (CAT), Witnesses report a heavy military presence in Cameroon's commercial hub, Douala, after gunmen dressed in military uniform opened fire on a major bridge and carrying signs opposing Cameroon's longtime ruler. Some of the placards read “Paul Biya Must Go At All Costs! Enough is Enough! Biya the dictator!”

Sources say that the military men kept firing shots in the air while chanting the slogans “BIYA DÉGAGE”. They then engaged in fierce gunshot battle with security officials before disappearing from the bridge with one seen diving into the river Wouri and four arrested, now under custody.

Cameroon police said they were interrogating the suspects to determine if they were soldiers.

Cameroon is scheduled to hold a presidential election on October 9.

Biya who was nominated the dictator of the months by David Wallechinsky; author of Tyrants: The World’s 20 Worst Living Dictators last week, is considered one of Africa's remaining strongmen after the fall of Mubarak and Gadaffi of Libya. He now contests the position with Robert Mugaber of Zimbabwe. Not also forgetting Obiagema of Equatorial Guinea who told power in 1979 and since then has never organized an election and is now the chair person for AU.

Since 1982, President Biya has ruled the country and is widely expected to win another seven-year term. In 2008, the 78-year-old Biya pushed through constitutional changes that eliminated term limits

The changes triggered anti-government riots in which at least 40 people were killed, and many till date are still imprison.
Some opposition supporters have urged Biya to step down and have argued that the old term limits still apply to him.
As the country enters the last phase of the campaign ahead of the presidential elections scheduled for October 9th, many have been left wondering whether the elections will take place given the heightened tension in the country.

Though skeptics have quickly asserted the Douala event to be a staged tactic by the regime so as to have an excuse to deploy the military onto the streets just before the elections to intimidate the population and flush out any plans of rioting, it should be noted that eyewitness report of the gun battle between the gun men and the security officials cancels out any conspiracy theory. It may be too early two conclude.

In a separate event on same Thursday, members of Election Cameroon (ELECAM) reported explosives had been placed in their offices in Limbe.
An eyewitness reported that a slim squad of some gendarme and army officers carefully and safely removed explosives placed at the ELECAM office at Mile One, Limbe.

ELECAM officials who spoke to the press reported that the devices were discovered as early as 5:00 am on Thursday morning and they immediately alerted the Southwest Governor and other security services.

The Limbe event also like the one in Douala happened as the ELECAM Board member in charge of the Southwest, Dorothy Limunga Njeuma, was expected to visit Limbe and other ELECAM offices within the SW Region. It is reported the visit has been suspended until further notice. There were no immediate claims of responsibility for the undetonated bombs found early in the morning.

Moments after this happened, the Southwest governor Koumpa Issa, then quickly rushed down to Limbe, visited the scene and, summoned an urgent closed door security meeting to assess the situation.

Today’s events across the country have only intensified the doubts.

source: (BMG and Cameroonpoll)

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Dear Ziwoh,, thank you for sharing this news about your country . I pray for good result and non-violent situation.

God bless you.

Live and Let Live Usha

Dear Ziwok,

Please take care and we will pray for you and your country. Please don't underestimate what you can do in order to bring about a change in your country.

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Dear Sahro, many thanks for the supporting words. I tell you this week till after Oct 9th shall be very tense and horrific in Cameroon. Currently there are multiple problems in the country - as the English Cameroonians want secession. Historically the English Cameroon Independence day is 1st October, while French Cameroon is 1st Jan. that is just one of the problem. besides that there is also the 9th Oct which is the elections day--so just in this coming week, we are faced with two big issue; the 1st Oct and 9th Oct. and often during 1st Oct, those leaving in th English Zone of Cameroon watch each step they take, because the slightest movement which may seem fishy to the arm forces, you are gone.

thanks, and please keep praying for Cameroon.

Stay Blessed



Facebook:Zoneziwoh Mbondgulo Wondieh

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It surely sounds like a tactic employed to discourage voters, and the people of Cameroon. Though I am not sure of the safety of citizens who counteract such threats (with ethical citizen media), please remain safe. I know how active you are, and what this cause and election means to you and the people of Cameroon. Please be safe, my friend. You are in our thoughts and blessings!

Darren Bunton

grand merci dear brother. Truly this month October is a very tempting month us in Cameroon coupled with the frustrating elections that is to be held Sunday next week. There have been a lot of controversy about this election and till now, we don’t know what awaits the public. Nonetheless, we keep praying.

Today, some 5 journalists were arrested, while over 200 people were also arrested and detained because they gathered in group to mark their 50th independence anniversary. you know cameroon is divided into two; English and French. While the French Cameroon recognized 1st Jan as the Independence Day, English Cameroon recognizes 1st October. but as of now, English cameroon is still not an independent state yet - therefore means that any activity organized in respect to this event, is against the law (according to the French cameroon govt), and unfortunately for the English Cameroonians, the French cameroon are the one in government, they rule most of the top positions in the country. the story is very long and personally i am still trying to understand the entire narrative around the English/French cameroon issue.

thanks for your comment--we keep in touch...i will do my best to keep posting the latest update about the current issue in the country

Stay Blessed



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Wooooooo. I had no idea about the Constitutional amendments. Yes indeed your president is contesting the position of worst dictator with my President. I think however there is a possibility that the whole incident was a government orchestrated event to put fear in the hearts of the people and to make you all feel like you need them to provide you with security. You would know better who these people are but such a move especially towards elections just stink of Biyarism (tendencies-by-Biya-to-scare-Cameroonians-into-believing-that-without-him-they-would-be-lost)

MaDube, ahahahha - I am happy with your response. You truely understand these crook of ours, so called Presidents and leaders of states. indeed, a Biyarism tendency. my sister--i tell u--we will keep watching--yesterday Oct 1st, some 200 people were arrested and detained. Which has made me to understand if they are going to be able to detain those people for a very long time. i wonder bc the cell is already overfull--except the government will have to free all others in cell in buea to keep the 200 people

any way--dear, thanks and take care--

Stay Blessed



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Dear Sister, Lol,you mean this things are following a worrying trend in Africa? How so bad that a bridge should be destroyed.Sounds to me like a Rambo movie,yet it is a reality.May God Bless you and bring sanity to this merciless leaders. We in Kenya are also worried of the Ocampo six suspects of last election violence being tried in the Hague-Netherlands. Keep us updated dear sister,we behind.Keep strong

Lucia Buyanza Reproductive Health

"Ziwoh thank you for this strong number!"We must continue to recount the hurdles Cameroonians especially press men have been plunged into by our government."The one weh yi hot me pass nah the journalist weh dem arrest ,dem no di tire for cover mouth weh yi no fit cover..........''Keep up the good work sis, you are going somewhere! Much love Shekina